Saturday, March 29, 2014

DC Comics Cover Girls HUNTRESS Statue!
DC Comics Cover Girls Statue Series - Huntress - DC Collectibles 2014
The inclusion of Huntress into the super-popular Cover Girls statue series has been a long time coming.  She is pretty much a fifth or sixth wheel in the Gotham City vigilante game, but she has a dedicated fanbase and a steady stream of comics under her belt since her introduction in 1977.  Huntress was first created as Helena Wayne, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman in DC's alternate universe Earth 2.  In the 1980's the big DC Comic event Crisis on Infinite Earths did away with Earth 2, but luckily the character was salvaged, albeit revamped with a new origin and identity.  This new Huntress was Helena Bertinelli, a vengeful daughter of a murdered mob boss hellbent on destroying organized crime in Gotham City.  Flash forward to 2012, in the New52 title World's Finest, her origin is once again revamped/reverted.  Turns out she is indeed still Helena Wayne, but assumed the Bertinelli identity in order to obscure her other-dimensional connection to Batman.  I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this statue is the modern incarnation.  Let's check her out below!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gremlins Mogwai PENNY!
Gremlins: Mogwai Series 4 - Penny - NECA 2014
Sorry for the lack of posts lately!  I just moved and my priorities are completely shuffled around.  All my toys are packed (but itching to be put out on brand new shelves) and I don't even have internet yet.  I was uncertain when I would be able to post again but it's always on my mind.  It's amazing how much I've missed reviewing toys the past few weeks.  Luckily I developed a new obsession which inspired me to spend an evening in my old apartment (where I still have keys - and internet) and write this quick review.  Gremlins was a smash hit in 1984.  I was both in love with and terrified of this movie.  Most all all I remember desperately wanting a pet Mogwai like Gizmo (I think it goes hand-in-hand with my Ewok obsession).  Then Gremlins 2 came out in 1990 and I just loved it.  I was older so the Gremlins didn't bother me in the least, plus I realized the movies were a great mix of silly and scary.  NECA has been producing an amazing line of Gremlins toys for the past few years.  Penny is the first girl and my first purchase from the line, but definitely not my last. (I ordered three more already)  Let's check her out below!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - APRIL O'NEIL!
TMNT (Nickelodeon): Series 1 - April O-Neil - PlayMates 2012

More than any other reporter in comics and cartoons, I think April O'Neil embodied an iconic look that none of her predecessors were able to achieve.  Lois Lane and Betty Brandt pretty much have to be introduced each time they appear because the rarely look the same twice.  But April O'Neil, throughout all her iterations, is always recognizable.  The newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series from Nickelodeon has the most drastically different April so far, but she's still very recognizable with auburn hair and a yellow outfit  (it doesn't hurt that she's the only girl in a handful of green mutant turtles either).   This version of April isn't actually a reporter at all, but rather a high school student whose parents have been kidnapped by the Krang (now a whole race of brain aliens).  April still fulfills her role as the Turtles' link to the outside world and it's a fun modernization of their classic dynamic.  The CGI look of the new series is an interesting departure from the classic looks as well, but it's a change that seems to be working as the toy aisles are filled with TMNT lately.  Let's check out April below!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kre-O G.I.Joe Arashikage Dojo Playset  - Toys R' Us Exclusive - Hasbro 2013

There's nothing more disappointing than getting priced out of a hobby you love.  My female action figure hobby started with G.I.Joe characters.  As a kid, I was obsessed with all the amazing ladies on the show; Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, Baroness, etc etc.  As a collecting adult, I assembled them all into my collection (even the uber-rare Glenda).  But in the past few years, there have been just too many convention exclusives, club exclusives, etc that have left me deflated.  I am many figures behind:  All three Jinx's, Daina, Night Force Lady Jaye, Ravage Baroness, Crimson Asp, and all the Club Exclusives -  Cover Girl, Jinx, & Quarrel.  They cost a fortune in the secondhand market and are just out of my league.  I pretty much gave up on the brand.  That is, until the Kre-O line was announced last year.  Finally some affordable Joes!  The Kreons aren't as charming as Legos or Mini-mates, but they are pretty cool.  I was also very glad to see a future Lady Jaye figure shown at ToyFair this year.  Now we just need Zarana and Cover Girl to round it out.  Let's check out Baroness below!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Bibleman Adventures - BIBLEGIRL!
The Bibleman Adventures Action Figures - Tommy Nelson 2001

I discovered this little gem last Christmas when I was hunting down holiday-themed figures for a review that I never got around to (there's a surprising amount of Mary action figures out there).  The Bibleman Adventures is an evangelical superhero video series that ran from 1995-2010.  There was a slew of sidekicks and antagonists created over the course of the series and the property eventually branched out into live-action performances, books, video games, and of course toys.  I don't know a lot about the series, but I gather that Biblegirl was a young actress who received a calling to become a superhero alongside Bibleman.  All the heroes sport yellow armor pieces which have (somewhat silly) names like the "Breastplate of Righteousness" and the "Helmet of Salvation."  I'm assuming this campiness is a nod to Batman.  The series apparently borrows themes from many pop culture properties like Batman, TMNT, and Power Rangers (according to Wikipedia).  Let's check out Biblegirl in detail below!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Marvel's M2 1st Appearances STINGER!
Cassie Lang's Original Alter-Ego: Stinger  - M2 1st Appearances - ToyBiz 1999

Cassandra Lang is known to to most comics aficionados as the daughter of the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, who later grew up to become one of the original members of the Young Avengers as Stature.  This was the first time in mainstream Marvel continuity that Cassie became a superhero, but back in the late nineties in the M2 Universe, a twenty-something Doctor Cassandra Lang donned a modified Ant-Man helmet and became Stinger as a part of A-Next.  This same continuity introduced us to a lot of interesting female superheroes including May Parker as Spider-Girl, Thena (Daughter of Thor), American Dream, and Wild Thing (Daughter of Wolverine and Elektra), among others.  ToyBiz surprisingly jumped on this universe and created a series of four pretty cool action figures based on these characters.  It was an unexpected but much appreciated move.  Kudos ToyBiz!  If only Hasbro would do the same and release a female-centric Marvel Legends wave (I won't hold my breath).  Let's check out Stinger below!