Tuesday, August 7, 2012

McFarlane Toys DANGER GIRL Series!

J. Scott Campbell's Amazing Trio in a Great 1999 Release from McFarlane Toys

The Nineties were a difficult time for comics fans.  There was decade's worth of painful, yet necessary transition that we all waded through in one way or another.  On the positive side, creator-owned comics and independent companies finally became major players; paper and color quality skyrocketed; and diversity in the types of comics on the market exploded. On the negative side, prices rose drastically; cheesy gimmicks overshadowed story/art quality (holographic prismatic glow-in-the-dark polybagged-with-collectible-card nonsense); most titles took on an awkwardly forced "extreme" tone (overly sexualized and overly violent); and overall comics just became very difficult to read.  At this time, I turned most of my attention to Dark Horse and VIZ comics who were steadily translating some amazing Manga titles and my distaste for what was happening to my beloved characters over in superhero

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eaglemoss Chess HUNTRESS Revealed!

DC Chess Collection #21 White Rook - from Eaglemoss Publications

I'm loving Eaglemoss these days!  I just bought the Poison Ivy piece last week and I'm getting very excited to collect all the bat-ladies together.  This time last year there were rumors of the line getting the axe; pre-orders being cancelled; uncertainty of how the DC reboot would affect merchandising; and just general doom and gloom about the whole series.  But now we've seen solicit pics for about 2/3 of the pieces and about 1/3 are actually in the stores.  While I am sad that we won't be getting Oracle or Stephanie Brown Batgirl, the excellent Babs Batgirl and the rumored upcoming Black Bat help ease the pain.  I love the look of this Huntress.  I was never the biggest fan of the previous Eaglemoss Huntress (although she was still amazing.. see pics here and here), but this figure makes up for her in spades.  She looks sexy, tough, and no-nonsense.  She should be on the shelves in November.