Sunday, November 25, 2018


Funko Savage World: DC Primal Age - Wonder Woman - Funko 2018

I'm loving the Savage World line from Funko. I never would have guessed that 35 years after the heyday of barbarian-style toys I would be so excited to see a throwback line. I never actually owned any Masters of the Universe figures (nor any of those Remco toys in the same style), but their impact on the action figure world is undeniable. So when Funko started producing these retro 5.5" action figures, I instantly saw potential. The first offerings were from Son of Zorn soon followed by Mortal Kombat X. Then at NYTF 2018 they officially showed the first few waves of product under the collective Savage World umbrella. (ThunderCats, Horror, and Conan). The doors had opened and my fantasy wishlist began (Sectaurs, Golden Girl, and Crystar are at the top of my list). Then Funko unveiled this surprise DC Primal Age line featuring classic DC character reimagined in a barbarian world. It's a really fun concept to get some A-list characters into the line. Let's check out Wonder woman below!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Batman Missions BATGIRL!

Batman Missions - 6" Basic Series 02 - Batgirl (Batgirl of Burnside) - Mattel 2018

I'm really loving this new evergreen Batman Missions line. There have been lots of basic Batman series in the past, but so far this newest incarnation has the best looking figures with the most comic accurate designs. I only hope we get a lot more characters. I actually think the upcoming live-action debut of Batwoman makes her the frontrunner for the next female in the line. This figure is basically a Batgirl of Burnside design (with the exception of her unique chest symbol and her solid black cape). What's nice about getting one last figure in this style is that Babs just debuted a new costume in September and this 2014 utilitarian look (which I love) may be no more. I'm not the biggest fan of the new costume so far, so this figure's notability of (possibly) being the last standard retail product in this style is pretty bittersweet. (The upcoming DCC Essentials Batgirl is coming too of course, but likely only to specialty shops). Let's check out the Batman Missions Batgirl below!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers - GADGET!

Disney Afternoon - Series 02 - Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers - Gadget -Funko 2018

Sometimes I forget how influential certain cartoons were to me in my youth.  Every day after school I would tune into the Disney Afternoon and dive into the worlds of Gummi Bears, Duck Tales, TaleSpin, and of course Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers. After buying this Gadget Hackwrench action figure I started Googling and reminiscing about those formative years of mine. I specifically remember Gadget's inventions fascinating me. Her Rube-Goldberg-esque contraptions inspired me to create all kinds of weird do-dads out of rubber bands, paperclips, balloons, etc. Seeing some screenshots of her vehicles and weapons is like a blast from the past because I remember trying to duplicate them in real life. Gadget was an inventor, mechanic, and pilot for the Rescue Rangers, and I think she needs to be given credit as an early role model for the girls-in-STEM movement. It was pretty rare to have such a smart, creative, and independent female character in cartoons back then. Let's check out Gadget Hackwrench below!

Monday, November 19, 2018


Fortnite Action Figures (Series 01) - Cuddle Team Leader - McFarlane Toys 2018

This Summer I was on vacation with my family... including my eight nieces and nephews... and I was schooled on Fortnite.  Every year it's something new: Minecraft, Pokemon, etc. But this year was all about Fortnite. I honestly expected to dismiss the fad (like I dismiss most video game properties) until I saw the character skins. In the past few years I've secretly become a big fan of animal hoodie pajamas. I look forward to Friday nights when I stay in, order food, and watch a movie in these ridiculously comfy outfits (my current one is a mountain ram). So anyway, when I saw that multiple player skins were cute-but-battle-damaged animal costumes I was smitten. Cuddle Team Leader as the ratty pink bear is just amazing. But I'm also hoping for figures of Tricera Ops and Bunny Brawler. Actually any female onesie or animal costume will thrill me. I know the only female in Series 02 will be Brite Bomber, but hopefully Series 03 will have some more anthropomorphic options. Let's check out Cuddle Team Leader below!

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Star Wars: The Black Series (Target) - Leia (Bespin Escape) - Hasbro 2018

I'm loving how the Star Wars 6" Black Series is on a roll with getting us all the Princess Leia variations. I was always overwhelmed by the Leias in the 3.75" collection so I never even attempted to get them. But with the 6" series, I am getting in on the ground floor and I'm excited to see how far the line goes. I'm not even completely aware of all the outfits she appeared in, but my favorite movie was always Return on the Jedi so I'm looking forward to her camouflage Endor outfit, her long-hair Ewok festival outfit, and her award ceremony gown. And I think in time that we'll see all of these. Unfortunately we now deal with an issue of the first two Black Series Leias being awkwardly out of scale: Slave Leia being too small and Boushh Disguise Leia being too large. I would love apology figures someday, but not before exhausting the variations we haven't seen yet. Then again, the Padme Amidala wardrobe could completely derail the current Leia momentum. Time will tell. Let's check out Bespin Escape Leia below!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Predator Series 18 - MACHIKO!

Predator - 7" Action Figures Series 18 - Machiko Noguchi - NECA 2018

I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this figure for over a year. A few release dates have come and gone in that time so my fears for an outright cancellation were palpable. But alas, I have her in my greedy little hands and I love her. In my middle school days I was obsessed with both Aliens and Predator comics from Dark Horse. I loved how dark and mysterious they were. I can admit the storylines were mostly over my head at the time, but the graphics alone had a huge impact. When the two properties united in Aliens vs Predator in 1989, my young mind was blown. I remember the human character Machiko whose planet was caught in the crossfire of the Aliens vs Predator war. She was fiercely protective of her people and earned the respect of the Predator leader, eventually being brought into his clan. She was memorable, but I'm pretty sure she didn't have this cool Predator armor until years later. I've wanted a toy of her since the Hot Toys figure ten years ago. Let's check out Machiko below!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Transformers Warrior Class - WINDBLADE!

Transformers: Cyberverse - Warrior Class Wave 2 - Windblade - Hasbro 2018

I'm really excited for the Transformers: Cyberverse line. It's only been hitting the shelves three months, but I already have several great new animated-style female figures (Ultra Class Shadow Striker, Scout Class Windblade, and this Warrior Class Windblade), plus two more on the way (Scout Class Shadow Striker and an Ultra Class Slipstream). The only unfortunate thing is that there has only been one female character announced in this Warrior Class scale so far. This scale is the ideal version in my opinion. It's large enough to have great details and articulation, but small enough not to be clunky (like the larger scale animated figures tend to be). They also fit in very nicely with the typical "Deluxe" Transformers scale. I'm really hoping that the two remaining first-string female characters (Shadow Striker and Slipstream) get the Warrior Class treatment eventually. As seen in the group pic below, Windblade has really become an A-list character in the Transformers world. Let's check out this newest incarnation below!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Stranger Things - ELEVEN (PUNK VERSION)!

Stranger Things Wave 3 - Eleven (Season Two) - McFarlane Toys 2018

I had my bubble burst last week when I realized Stranger Things Season three wasn't coming out at Halloween like the previous seasons had. Instead we have to wait until some time in 2019 (but luckily Netflix released the insanely creepy Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to tide me over). These McFarlane Toys Stranger Things action figures keep getting better and better. This Season Two Eleven in her punk rock look is vastly superior to the first version. The face and body just have a more refined look to them. All the other characters look great as well (I picked up an Upside-down Will Walmart Exclusive and he's fantastic). Now I find myself hoping for more figures. I think Season Two Max would make a great toy (Although I can't picture a single iconic outfit for her). Also Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers seems like a given. McFarlane figures always seem to come out at snail's pace though so I have a feeling we'll have to wait a long time before we get news of product. Let's check out Eleven below!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Marvel Legends Vintage - THE WASP!

Marvel Legends: Vintage (Toy Biz) Series 02 - The Wasp - Hasbro 2018

I was a little bitter when this figure was announced. I'm a sucker for classic impractical costumes and I thought for sure the rumored vintage series Wasp would be her red and black helmeted original Avengers costume. But instead we got this obscure blue outfit that she only wore in two issues in the early 2000s. I'm fairly certain the only reason fans really love it is because this was intended to be a variant in the 2006 Marvel Legends MODOK wave. That variant was never released, so she instantly became a holy grail for most collectors. Personally, I couldn't stand female Marvel Legends figure back then. They were gangly and awkward and I always found them so disappointing. So, I literally viewed the cancelled variant as one less sub-par figure to be tempted by. My opinions are pretty harsh, but at the same time I am a little jealous of the enthusiasm everyone else seems to have for their ToyBiz nostalgia. But in the end, this figure ended up looking so great that I don't even have to pretend. Let's check her out below!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Stranger Things - BARB!

Stranger Things Wave 3 - Barb (GameStop Exclusive) - McFarlane Toys 2018

I have pretty vivid memories of watching the first episode of Stranger Things. I loved it from the very start. My formative years took place in a small rural town in the early 1980s. So the the setting, the clothes, the slang, even the exact VHS storage cases in the living room were ripped right out of my childhood. But my strongest reaction was when Barbara Holland first stepped on screen clutching her Trapper Keeper against her ruffled shirt. I knew her, I knew a dozen Barbs. It wasn't just the physical look either. It was the shy confidence she exuded. Quiet but assertive. I surround myself with people who can occupy opposite ends of a spectrum, and Barb does just that. It seems like everyone loved her as well, as actor Shannon Purser has become a fan favorite with roles in Riverdale, Rise, and the starring role in the Netflix film Sierra Burgess is a Loser (which I've watched twice and adore). I was so glad when McFarlane Toys announced this figure. It's not a perfect likeness, but it's instantly recognizable as Barb.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Disney Junior's VAMPIRINA!

A Collection of  Disney Junior Vampirina Action Figures - Just Play Toys 2017-18

Vampirina is a Disney Jr cartoon about a young vampire, her vampire family, and all of her friends (human and monster alike) as they run the Scare Bed & Breakfast in Pennsylvania. I always love it when child and adult genres are mixed like this. When I was a kid most monster stuff was too mature for me, so when I see new properties like Vampirina I am hit with a mix of nostalgia and jealousy for all the cool options that kids today have. I've been eyeing the Vampirina toys since they first hit the shelves back in October of 2017. However, I never planned on buying any until I found the new Scream Girls box set featuring the titular character and her three awesome bandmates. Suddenly I had to have them all. Now I'm looking forward to scanning the Disney aisle for future characters. There is a gill-girl and ghost character in a picture below that I would love to see. Although they are unnamed extras from a music video, so that's pretty unlikely. Let's check out all the cool Halloweenie girls below!