Monday, December 9, 2019

Masters of the Universe Vintage - EVIL LYN!

Masters of the Universe Vintage Wave 4 - Evil Lyn - Super7 2019

Oh Evelyn Morgan Powers, I was always rooting for you to wrest power from Skeletor and lead the Evil Warriors of Eternia. But alas, those annoyingly perky heroes would always win. When this Vintage-Style Evil-Lyn figure from Super7 was announced, I was a little bummed that they weren't using this platform as a pathway to get us characters that never before had MOTU-style vintage figures (like She-Ra and Shadow Weaver). I would have loved to see Scorpia, Queen Marlena, or Delora before re-hashes of Teela and Evil Lyn, but once I had them in hand, I realized how vastly different the Filmation designs were from the vintage toys. So it's nice to have a proper update, especially since He-Man and all the boys were getting them. Of course, now I will lament that we will never see a Sorceress in this line since she is that only remaining MOTU female without a refreshed action figure. (I only hope Mattel's Origins line does the brand justice and give us lots of characters). Let's check out Evil Lyn below!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Masters of the Universe Vintage - SHADOW WEAVER!

Masters of the Universe Vintage Wave 4 - Shadow Weaver - Super7 2019

Shadow Weaver is one of the most iconic vampy women from my childhood. Her shadowed face and raspy voice actually made her one of the scariest characters in the (expanded) MOTU world. All the other bad guys got silly very quickly and devolved into outright buffoonery, but Shadow Weaver was always sinister. Of all the characters from the Filmation series, it was always a shock that Shadow Weaver never got an action figure made. She appeared in a whopping 52 episodes, while "main" characters like Mermista, Frosta, and Queen Angella were only in a handful. But somehow we haven't seen a vintage-style figure until now. Although when I imagine what a vintage POP Shadow Weaver would look like, I cringe. She would probably be pink and glittery with sparkly gemstones and gauzy fabric. So I'm actually glad it took so long. It's a shame this wave appears to be the last of the Super7 vintage line, because there are so many more characters deserving of this treatment. Let's check out Weaver below!

Friday, December 6, 2019

Two Years of DC Heroines from IMAGINEXT!

An Assortment of Imaginext DC Super Friends Ladies - Fisher-Price 2018-2019

I love Imaginext so much but I get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of figures I've collected over the years. So this post is collecting 23 amazing DC Super Friends ladies I've assembled over the past two years (and there are at least two I couldn't locate amidst my clutter to photograph).  I'm exhausted from editing 214 photos, but giddy about having them all unpackaged now. Way back in early 2012, the release of the Imaginext Catwoman was the push I needed to start this blog - which is funny because I never ended up reviewing that particular figure. But every time there is a new release I feel a nostalgic sense of excitement. The presence of female characters in the line is increasing at a shocking rate, and the two female-centric 6-packs in 2018 is a perfect example of Imaginext's new focus on gender inclusion. It was a very slow trickle for may years, but lately it's been an absolute flood (and I couldn't be happier about it). Let's check out two years of DC Imaginext ladies below!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

SDCC Metropolis ReAction - MARIA!

ReAction Retro Figures - Metropolis' Maria (SDCC Exc) - Super7 2019

Smaller toy companies have a leg up on the big guys for one crucial reason: they're almost always geeks like us. That scenario tends to give us great character selection, attention to detail, and amazingly nerdy easter eggs. Hence this truly fantastic SDCC exclusive Maria figure. Maria is the iconic robot from the 1927 film Metropolis, one of the earliest science fiction films ever made. That setup would normally be plenty to excite us collectors (and it did, with the two previous releases of this figure being very popular). But then we add in the super-cool trivia that Maria was the design inspiration behind one of the most popular Sci-Fi robots of all time, Star Wars' very own C3PO (specifically the originally Ralph McQuarrie concept designs), and our collective heads can explode. So in homage to this connection, this Super7 exclusive Maria is deco'd in super shiny gold (complete with a silver leg!) and packaged in classic Kenner style with a retro collectible coin. Maria is totally the droid we've been looking for!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Justice League International - FIRE!

Justice League International - Action Figures Series 02 - Fire - DC Direct 2009

My first exposure to Beatriz da Costa was in the pages of Super Friends when she went by the name Green Fury. I was always drawn to monochromatic characters, even at such a young age. But on the flipside, I was also so young that the idea of fire that wasn't red or orange baffled me. That's honestly why I remember her so well.. because her powers confused me. I didn't even realize she was she same character as Green Flame and Fire until very recently. When she was Green Flame in the Global Guardians, she first started being paired with Icemaiden. And when Icemaiden was re-created as Ice in Justice League International, Green Flame followed suit and shortened her name to Fire. I really don't know much about the pair, except that they seem so iconic - like a female Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. There have been a handful of good action figures of this pair, but I personally think these DC Direct Justice League International versions are the best. Let's check out Fire below!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Justice League International - ICE!

Justice League International - Action Figures Series 01 - Ice - DC Direct 2009

Fire and Ice are two characters I know next to nothing about. I never read any Justice League books when I was young, let alone Justice League International. But when I got into toy collecting in my twenties, the official DC Direct message boards were overflowing with fans begging for action figures of the pair. There was also a fair amount of shipping going on, but as far as I can tell that was all just fanboy fantasy. Once I started reading about the characters, though, I became kind of obsessed. I love the theme of elemental opposites with coinciding temperaments. Ice is Tora Olafsdotter, a naive girl from a magic wielding tribe of Norsemen. There is some confusion with the character Icemaiden who debuted a decade prior. Apparently the JLI writers thought Icemaiden never had a fleshed-out history when they introduced Ice (who they intended to be the same character). But Icemaiden had a very detailed origin previously published which led to Ice being an (unintentionally) original character.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Marvel Toybox - CAPTAIN MARVEL!

Toybox - Marvel Action Figures #18 Captain Marvel - Disney Store Exclusive - 2019

The Disney Store exclusive Toybox line is really on a roll these day. When the line launched just a little under two years ago, I had high hopes, but low expectations. The first female offering was Rey from Star Wars and I had mixed feelings. The scale, articulation, and overall quality was great, but the face looked creepy.  Thankfully two years later all the faces now look great, and the character selection has been exciting. This Captain Marvel is my 5th figure so far, and I hope there will be many more. (I skipped all the Disney ladies: Jessie, Minnie, Bo Peep, and Incredibles). I like how this Carol Danvers figure is a blend of her comic, MCU, and Disney Infinity designs. Hopefully future figures will be the same (Gamora? Valkyrie? Scarlet Witch? Pepper Potts as Rescue?) I kind of like how the new figures are kept a secret until pictures are leaked just a few weeks before they hit the stores. Really keeps us collectors on our toes and reminds me of the old toy hunting days. Let's check out Captain Marvel below!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Alpha Flight - SNOWBIRD!

Marvel Legends - Alpha Flight Boxset (Amazon Exc) - Snowbird - Hasbro 2019

I think Snowbird just may be the most memorable member of Alpha Flight for me. Similar to characters like Thor and Valkyrie, Snowbird is actually a deity (the demi-goddess Narya specifically) that is living on Earth under the guise of a mortal. Her presence in the comics was mysterious and creepy. Her black eyes and her cold countenance is a recipe for intrigue. and the fact that she can transform into any animal of the north just adds to her allure. As a kid, animals were my obsession, so any character with animal-based powers was a natural draw - let alone the ability to become almost any animal. Her appeal must have been universal among fans, because she actually has a decent amount of merchandise. But this is the first Legends-scale figure released (and she had been of my wishlist for a long time). I actually just read that John Byrne created her years before he even entered the comic industry, making her technically the original member of the group! Let's check out the long-awaited Snowbird below!