Tuesday, July 25, 2017


DC Designer Series: Amanda Conner #4 - Santa Harley Quinn - DCC 2017

Merry Christmas in July! When I was in college 17 years ago (God that makes me feel old), I was taking some extra Summer classes and signed up for a day trip to the beach one July day. None of my friends could join so I went alone on the bus. I promptly fell asleep on the beach (as I'm prone to do) and was awakened hours later by a raucous scene. Parked ten feet in front of me on the sand was a pickup truck full of lifeguards in red swimsuits, sunglasses, with Santa hats and beards. They all had brass instruments and were trumpeting Christmas carols. Then another scantily-clad Santa approached and gave me a candy cane. They soon went on their way and I was left bewildered on a mostly empty beach thinking I had hallucinated. It wasn't until later that evening back on campus when I heard about this crazy thing called Christmas in July. It was quite a dramatic way to learn of the holiday. I was originally planning on holding off on this Harley post until December, but luckily I remembered good ol' July 25th!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Strange Friends - MAGGIE SQUIRREL!

Strange Friends Series 01 - Maggie Squirrel - Archie McPhee/Accoutrements 2016

I've always had a fondness for Accoutrements toys. When I first moved to my city from the boonies 15 years ago, there was a real boom of novelty gift shops happening. I swear there were greeting card and souvenir shops on every corner and all these shops had an assortment of Accoutrements products. The big action figures at the time were the Avenging Unicorn sets and all the quirky historic figures like Edgar Allen Poe, Jesus, and Jane Austen. I highly enjoyed them all, but the only ones I ever purchased were the historic ladies. Then recently I was checking out Archie McPhee (the website for Accoutrements) and saw these amazing Strange Friends figures. This is the same company that makes the rubber animal masks (that are all the rage these days), so these toys are a perfect cross-marketing scheme. I also have a serious obsession with animal-headed humans. My own art involves a lot of this imagery, so naturally this Maggie figure needed to be mine. Let's check out the Strange Friends below!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Marvel Chess Collection - THE SPIDER-LADIES!

Marvel Chess Collection - Anya, Jessica, Cindy, and Gwen - Eaglemoss 2016

I hope Eaglemoss never stops making comic figurines. They started with the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection in 2007 and soon launched their DC Comics equivalent the year after. When both series ran their course, they began making Chess Pieces of the characters and the series continued. I count about 600 unique figures between DC and Marvel, and they're still coming. I thought I was showing great restraint with this line by only buying my favorite-of-favorites. But I just counted and I somehow acquired 37 over the years (including a purchase this afternoon - Hela). One of my greatest Eaglemoss joys came last year when there was a Spider-Man themed Chess series and they released four awesome modern Spider-Woman: Spider-Gwen, Spider-Girl (Anya), Silk, and a modern Jessica Drew Spider-Woman (which I think is the only representation of this look in plastic so far.. not even a Heroclix or Minimate). Eaglemoss has a knack for reading my mind when it comes to character selection. Let's check them out!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

World of Nintendo 2.5" - SAMUS!

World of Nintendo 2.5" - Series 2-2 - Metroid: Samus - Jakks Pacific 2016

Ahh.. yet another 2.5" lady in my collection. The funny thing is that I kept seeing this figure in stores for the longest time and it just didn't don on me that I would want her for my collection. That's probably because I had no clue Samus was female until relatively recently and I still have to remind myself that fact when I see her in her armor. So by the time I decided I needed this little figure a few months ago, she was already pretty scarce in the stores. I eventually found her hiding in the back of a peg in Target and quickly snagged her. I'm excited for future releases in the World of Nintendo line. I'm hoping that 2017 SDCC Exclusive pixelated Princess Toadstool will see a regular release. And Princess Rosalina, Princess Daisy, and Wendy Koopa seem like obvious choices in the coming years. But of course I also want the less likely ones like Toadette and Krystal from Star Fox. And I know I could never resist a gender-bending Birdo in my collection. Hopefully there will be some cool reveals this week! Let's check out Samus!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Aliens Day - Space Marine VASQUEZ!

Aliens: Space Marine Vasquez - Aliens Day Exclusive Kenner Repaint - NECA 2017

As much as I enjoy all aspects of pop culture - especially pop culture nostalgia related to my childhood in the 1980s - I usually shy away from the grittier properties when it comes to my action figure collections. When I look at my toys I want to see bright colors, ridiculous costumes, and upbeat properties. So militant characters with guns and dour faces rarely make the cut. I've made a few exception recently when it comes to the Aliens line by Neca. The main release figures look great, and I really appreciate looking at them in the stores, but the gimmick that pushes me over the edge and gets me to open my wallet are the fun Alien Day repaints in bright classic Kenner colors. Last year we saw Ripley in her purple shirt and yellow boots, and this year we get Vasquez in her blue bandanna and bright red shirt. But where Ripley was sold at TRU stores, this Vasquez was only available at thenecastore.com. She may still be available, but on some screens it says she's sold out. Hopefully everyone got her. Let's check out Vasquez below!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Rock Candy - Wonder Woman (Movie) - Amazon & Costumed Diana - Funko 2017

I tried to go back to the movies to see Wonder Woman for a second time this past weekend but the showtimes just didn't work out for my schedule. I'm still reeling over the fact that there was a really great DC movie. And that is was a female-led movie is just icing on the cake. I don't want to count my chicks before they're hatched, but I'm super excited for the Gotham City Sirens and Batgirl movies now. They could be equally great if given the same creative respect as this film had. After I left the theatre opening weekend, I really had to limit myself with Wonder Woman movie collectibles. It's my collecting impulse to horde plastic representations of all things I love. But I really restrained myself and limited my purchases to the Mattel Multiverse and these Rock Candy figures. I think I'm going to be a completist with DC and Marvel Rock Candy. I'll skip necessary repaints, but original sculpts are too tempting for me to pass up. These two figures are gorgeous and do not disappoint. Let's check them out below!

Friday, July 14, 2017

World's Smallest BARBIES!

World's Smallest: Barbie 1959 & Barbie 1971 - Super Impulse Toys 2017

I come from a family of collectors. My Dad Collects Coins and Bank Notes, My Mom and sister collect dolls, my younger brother collects Peanuts and Classic TV, and my older brother is into Star Wars and Rock and Roll. (I put them all to shame though with my myriad of collecting obsessions. I only dwell on the action figures here, but I have an abundance of unrelated collections active right now. But I digress). This past Christmas I was back home and my Mom was sharing her newest obsession, World's Smallest. For those unaware, World's Smallest is a line of tiny collectible miniatures of classic toys. She had a handful of nostalgic Fisher-Price toys, each about the size of a quarter, and we were all very enthralled and ready to all start our own collections. Since that first exposure I see them everywhere: Toys R Us, Target, Cracker Barrel, and every little novelty store I come across. There are even blind boxes at Claires! But I wasn't too tempted to buy any until I saw these two Barbies in TRU a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


DC Designer Series: Amanda Conner #3 - Superhero Harley Quinn - DCC 2017

Harley Quinn has had a lot of costume designs in recent years. Video games were the biggest catalyst for the changes and most of them seemed like awkward misinterpretations of the character rather than a true evolution. The Roller Girl revamp of 2014 was the first time a Harley redesign felt right for me. It wasn't too long before the movie version became canon and now she seems to alter her looks quite often (and I'm mostly okay with it). Squeezed into those early post-rollergirl changes was this Superhero costume which she donned in order to team up with a brainwashed Power Girl, convincing PG that she was her trusty sidekick to enjoy all the perks of superheroics. It was a fun storyline that eventually spun off into its own title Harley Quinn and Power Girl (which only lasted for six issues, but was great). This figure is one of those gems I never expected to see but makes a really quirky addition to an already insanely-quirky Harley collection. She's my favorite of this series. Let's check out Superhero Harley below!