Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Transformers Limited Articulation STRONGARM!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Strongarm (Non-Transforming) - Hasbro 2017

I've been stalking Walgreens like crazy lately looking for the new DC Imaginext Series 3, Marvel Legends Medusa, all the exclusive Marvel Mini-Mates, and a million other goodies. I'm pretty lucky to live in an area where I have 24 Walgreens in a pretty small radius. (I just discovered one 12-mile stretch of road where there are 6 Walgreens evenly spaced in a row). Anyway, in all my recent hunting, I made a handful of really cool discoveries including this limited articulation Strongarm figure from Hasbro. I've seen DC figures, Marvel figures, and Star Wars figures in this inexpensive format, but it's rare to find a female character. I see them in stores like Family Dollar, Big Lots, Boscovs, and now Walgreens. I don't have high expections for future females in these lines, but I think at the very least we might see a Black Widow, Gamora, or Wonder Woman eventually. It's tricky because figures like these aren't advertised anywhere.. they just kind of show up in stores. But I'll be looking. Let's check out Strongarm below!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Marvel Select - LADY DEADPOOL!

Marvel Select - Lady Deadpool (Deadpool Corps) - Diamond Select Toys 2017

Lady Deadpool is one of those characters that perfectly epitomizes the type of heroine I obsess over. I love when an established male character suddenly gets a female counterpart. I know this isn't the most progressive viewpoint to have, and you have to look past the whole "male derivative" angle, but I love seeing how much more interesting a female hero or villain can be when there is a well-known male character to directly compare to. That said, I don't really know anything about Lady Deadpool. I know her name is Wanda Wilson and she is the Deadpool of another reality who teams up with all the other weirdos (Kidpool, Headpool, Dogpool, etc) as the Deadpool Corps. But basically I just think she looks cool. I've tried several times to start building a small Lady Deadpool collection, but most of her previous products are higher end and expensive. This is her first piece of merchandise that I've really liked. Marvel Select has come a long way and I'm really looking forward to more. Let's check out Wanda below!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

3.75" Batman Classic TV Series - CATWOMAN!

Batman Classic TV Series Action Figures - Julie Newmar Catwoman - Funko 2017

It's hard for me to make a simple declarative statement about who my favorite comic character is. But more often than not my gut reaction will be to respond with "Catwoman." As a kid I think the theme of a cat-person who stole things and talked in purrs was too intriguing to ignore. I didn't hurt that I was one of those kids that was always pretending to be some kind of wild animal. My first exposure to Catwoman was from the old '66 Batman show (in syndication in the 80s). I honestly can't remember if my very first impression came from Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, or Lee Meriwether, but collectively they painted my first memories of her. We have several Julie Newmar products already, but my hopes are high that this line will give us the first Kitt and Meriwether figures. (Plus I have always wanted a green variant like the cover of Batman #197). I've only seen these at TRU and FYE so far, and luckily I've been able to snag both chases in stores. I can't wait for more!  Let's check out Catwoman below!

Friday, September 15, 2017

3.75" Batman Classic TV Series - BATGIRL!

Batman Classic TV Series Action Figures - Yvonne Craig Batgirl - Funko 2017

My absolute favorite reveal from NY Toy Fair 2017 was the Batman '66 3.75" action figures from Funko. Beyond the fact that I just love this nostalgic property, the character choices of the first wave blew my mind. With any other line, I would have expected an assortment of the heavy hitters. The fact that Joker, Riddler, and Penguin were absent, but characters like Bookworm and King Tut were present in all their glory makes me think there are definitely a few more waves coming out. Egghead, Mad Hatter, False Face, Marsha Queen of Diamonds - they're all fair game at this rate. These figures are more articulated than the similarly-scaled ReAction figures, but they kind of have the same feel. The character likenesses are more like caricatures than true representations, but there's no doubt who they all are, especially in the case of the Otto Preminger Mister Freeze and the Eli Wallach chase. Makes me very excited for variant Riddlers and Catwomen in the future. Let's check out Batgirl below!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Marvel Legends - LADY LOKI!

Marvel Legends - TRU Exclusive A-Force 6-Pack - Lady Loki - Hasbro 2017

I've come to the last of the A-Force reviews. This group is kind of unprecedented so I've been taking it slow. We all see female Legends figures sitting unsold in stores, and every time I see three Beetles collecting dust on a peg I fear that it will not bode well on the future of female characters in the line. But then Hasbro assuaged my fears and made this amazing all-female exclusive. It's a wonderful set, but Lady Loki is probably the figure with the most glaring issues of the group. Her accessories make her bulky and clumsy to pose and her hands are humorously unproportional. But even with those detractors, I can't deny that she is still a really great looking figure. Her headsculpt is gorgeous, the paint apps are very detailed (the metallic green scallops look great), and the overall look seems very complete. I don't think anyone expected Lady Loki to ever get a toy, especially considering she was overshadowed by the more popular kid-Loki successor. But I'm not complaining one bit. Let's check out Loki below!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Imaginext - SERPENT QUEEN!

Imaginext: Treasure Hunters - Serpent Queen & Camel - Mattel/Fisher-Price 2017

For years now I've been wishing for an Egyptian-themed Imaginext figure for my collection. I expected a regal Cleopatra-type, but I have to admit I am much happier with this evil-looking Serpent Queen instead. I love a good animal-themed character, especially when it's a villainess. And the great thing is that this figure will very likely be re-released as a more-human looking variation. The sole required change would be the scaly reptilian hands. The only predictions I've made for this line that haven't come true now are a Statue of Liberty and a Rosie the Riveter. I'm hoping to see them in a couple years at this rate. For those unaware, Imaginext had some major DC reveals last week. We're getting Huntress, Batwoman, Star Sapphire, Katana, Killer Frost, Donna Troy, Artemis, Black Canary, Jessica Cruz, and a new Harley. My mind is blown. After this new wave is released I don't even know what figures to wish for (beyond Supergirl). It seems like the sky is the limit now. Let's check out Serpent Queen below!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Marvel Legends - ELSA BLOODSTONE!

Marvel Legends - TRU Exc A-Force 6-Pack - Elsa Bloodstone - Hasbro 2017

Elsa Bloodstone has really surprised me by being one of my favorites of the A-Force boxset. When I first saw this solicitation I had no clue who she was.. or rather I couldn't remember who she was. I had read Nextwave when it first came out, but these figures inspired me to go out and buy the trade to read it all again. It is such a good series. If you haven't read it, imagine a cast of Marvel's lesser-known hero going on clandestine missions in a story steeped in Deadpool-esque humor. It's written and drawn very well and the 12-issue run is kind of a perfect length. Someone at Hasbro must love this series because so far we've received Monica Rambeau, Elsa Bloodstone, and Dirk Anger in the Nextwave outfits. Plus an unexpected Machine Man (albeit in his classic comic look). Elsa is a monster hunter with a Van-Helsing-ish family legacy. I thought the solicit images of this figure looked really boring, but in person she is pretty striking. Her red hair, olive complexion, and orange bodysuit really work well together. Let's check her out!

Monday, September 4, 2017


Uchu Sentai Kyuranger - Vinyl Figures - Hammie & Raptor 283 - Bandai 2017

Every iteration of Super Sentai these days impresses me by breaking boundaries of some sort. With the recent Dino Charge series, I was wowed by the sheer number of Rangers introduced over the span of the show, including many new colors (and a prominent Purple female Ranger). This most recent show, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, premiered earlier this year in Japan (and will probably be reconfigured into an English show eventually). It is the 41st entry in the Super Sentai series and is notable for introducing nine Rangers right from the start. These theme for the series is Constellations (but honestly they aren't the typical Greek-based constellations that I recognize). The two females are a Pink bird of prey named Raptor 283 and a green iguana named Hammie. What impressed me most about this series is that Raptor 283 has wings. It's rare for a Ranger to have a distinct silhouette like this. I used to collect these vinyl figures like crazy, but these are the first I've bought in years. Let's check them out below!