Sunday, February 24, 2013

G.I.Joe: Retaliation's LADY JAYE!

G.I.Joe's Covert Ops Specialist, Lady Jaye - from Hasbro 2013
Lady Jaye has always been my favorite female Joe. She was consistently just as tough as the boys, she threw exploding javelins, and her outfit was much less "costumey" than most of her teammates. She also had a secondary talent as a master of disguise (which according to the blurb on the cardback, it looks like she utilizes in this upcoming film). What's not to love? In the movie she is played by Adrianne Palicki, who most of geekdom knows as Wonder Woman from the cancelled 2011 NBC show. I'm excited to see her take on the character. She looks very different from her cartoon counterpart, but not in a bad way, just different. This action figure is pretty decent. She comes with tons of accessories (but no stand), she re-uses the body of Renegades Scarlett (which is an amazingly articulated figure), but unfortunately the head suffers from an odd sculpt and overly-simplified paint. This is a shame since most (if not all) of the accessories are re-used and the body is a straight-up repaint of Scarlett. So the head is the only thing they needed to put effort into. Let's check her out in detail below.

What??  No filecard on the back??  I'm more than a little shocked.



She comes with a TON of accessories.  Thank goodness she has her javelin gun.. it's a Lady Jaye classic.   The backpack with the bazooka artillery doesn't really fit her.  It's clearly intended for a male figure with pronounced lateral muscles (which the body-side of the pack is conformed to fit), plus her ponytail doesn't work well with it.  The best accessories of the bunch are her javelin gun and the strappy backpack.
This Renegades Scarlett body is amazing.  I reviewed her early last year.

Here is a side-by-side of the two figures.  Who wore it better? (I'd say Scarlett honestly)

Time for a Comparison Shot!
(I'm kicking myself because all my Joes are in storage.  I have every Lady Jaye 3.75" figure made and that would've made a cool shot.  I'm assuming we'll get another variation of her like we for for Baroness and Scarlett on the last film.  When that happens I'll dig them all out)

(PS.  I couldn't resist touching up her facepaint a little bit.  Her eye that is obscured by hair was incompletely painted, her hairline was sloppy, and I felt her lips were too pink.  I'm not totally thrilled with the color my new lips turned out, but I think the eyes and hair are an improvement.
Original on Left, Customized on Right.


Cheers, Again :)


  1. The movie characters that looked best to me were those with painted skin on their face.

    from Rise of Cobra the Baroness & Scarlett figures looked nicer than Covergirl & Jaye. Though painted flesh may not have helped Covergirl heaps!

    In any case I am very happy to be adding Lady Jaye & Jinx to my Joe movie display! (not sure when Jinx is due) I really hope they make a couple more versions of each in further movie assortments.

    1. I totally agree. It's not just limited to the Joes though.. I think all of Hasbro's lines suffer from the flesh-colored plastic curse. DC Collectibles definitely wears it better, but all-around I would definitely prefer painted faces all the time.