Thursday, November 30, 2023

Legends of Dragonore - PANTERA!

Legends of Dragonore - Series 1 - Pantera the Silent Huntress - Formo Toys 2023

I'm very excited to have a new designer toy company in the market. Especially one that embraces a retro vibe and doesn't shy away from female characters. By the time I actually got my first Legends of Dragonore figures in hand a few weeks ago, Formo Toys had already announced a Wave 1.5 of redecos and an original Wave 2, giving me four more female figures to look forward to. And I predict we'll see a female or two in their next set of convention exclusives. I'm a big fan of modern figures produced in a vintage aesthetic. Super7 ReAction, MOTU Origins, and the new Sectaurs from Nacelle are all great examples. The MOTU-inspired figures seem to have the most momentum in pop culture and I love going ot event like ZoloCon to see all the art toys in vintage MOTU style. But it pretty rare for these toys to get mass produced at an affordable price. But Formo Toys has achieved this and I couldn't be happier. The production quality and design aesthetic is amazing. Let's check out Pantera below!

The Legends of Dragonore line is designed to have swappable parts with the other characters. Note that the peg system is different from MOTU Origins (an example being that the MOTUO shoulder pegs are attached to the arm, not the torso like Dragonore. The boots may be swappable between brands though, they appear very similar). Here is an image of Evil-Lyn broken apart for comparison.

Pantera comes with Torso Armor and a Sword in a bright pinkish purple color.

All the articulation is simple swivel joints. 

Pantera also comes with the Head and Pelvis of the Divine Armor Build-a-Figure.
Note that despite the name, these pieces are for a full additional figure in the line, not just accessories. The Helmet piece here is a full head.

Here are these pieces paired with Yondara's Torso accessory. This figure looks like it will be awesome.

When the Legends of Dragonore was first announced, it was called the Lords of Power and had a much more blatant homage to MOTU. Pantera was a deep purple with dark teal armor, like a human embodiment of Panthor. There was a trademark-induced redesign and this review shows the final result: Blue fur/skin (with spots), and bright pink armor. As much as I like the original homage, I think the final version is more fun.

There is a repaint "Night Hunter Pantera" in Wave 1.5 currently available for preorder as a set.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Pantera with the other female character from Wave 1, Yondara.

And here they are with the MOTUO Teela for comparison.


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