Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eaglemoss BATGIRL and the Bat-Ladies!

Amazing little lead figurines from Eaglemoss Publications UK

The last of the DC Eaglemoss figurines have been announced (so they say...) and just recently the last of the Bat-Family females has hit the street.  This makes an impressive set of SEVEN Bat-Ladies in the collection.  If anyone hasn't started picking these up, I highly suggest doing so.  They average about 3-4" tall and each come with a fantastic magazine that reads like a heavily-illustrated wikipedia bio.  I've seen them priced at comic stores anywhere from $12.99 to $16.99 and to me are well worth the price.  The only problem for me is that very few stores around me carry them regularly so they usually require a special order.

Seeing them all lined up finally was very exciting for my geeky little self, but then I was sad because I know they could make so many more!  Maybe we could get a second go with a DCnU series like they did with Blackest Night!

Included among the 120 figurines in the main DC Comics Super Hero Collection are:
Issue 9: Catwoman
Issue 37: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)*****
Issue 43: Poison Ivy
Issue 45: Harley Quinn
Issue 50: Huntress
Issue 81: Batwoman
Issue 95: Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

***** Cassandra Cain is supposed to be a child, but this figure has arguably the most adult body of the group.  Then I realized that this pose seems to be based off of the cover on Batman: No Man's Land #0 (Before Cassie ever became Batgirl), during the brief period when Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) donned the Mantle of the Batgirl and introduced the new costume that Cassie made famous later on.   Check out the cover in question: 

Okay, rant over.

Time for more pictures!

Full disclosure #1:  most of these figures require minor paint touch-ups when you get them.  The sculpts and casting may be top-notch, but I've had a LOT of smudges and streaks on my figurines.  Luckily they've all been very easy to deal with a dab of glossy black here and a slash of red there.

Full disclosure #2:  The magazines always come with pretty severe spine bends.  This is due to the fact that they're polybagged with a boxed lead figure loose in the bag.  It's pretty much impossible to get one in mint condition so you'll just have to resign yourself to that.

Sorry I didn't take any turnaround shots or different angles.  Maybe I was feeling unimaginative or maybe I was just suffering the first stages of lead poisoning.  If I don't post again soon I probably died.

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  1. The Cassandra Cain is an awesome costume. Neat figures.