Sunday, February 5, 2012

DC Direct 2012 Reveals!

Cover Girls, New 52 Busts, Dark Knight Rises Statues & Busts

This information was all over the toy blogs in the past few weeks, but I had to put my two cents in and join in on the excitement.  DC Direct released a flyer to distributers soliciting all sorts of products throughout 2012.  It's mostly Dark Knight Rises products, but there's a peppering of DC New 52 stuff as well.  I'm getting more and more excited for Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman in the upcoming movie every day.  The products keep rolling out and I am seriously strategizing on how many shelves I'll be dedicating to Ms. Kyle before the year is through.

The most impressive looking lady amongst all the products so far would arguably be the 12" Batman Icons Statue of Catwoman.  For the first time we can see real texture to her costume and I think this image is hinting that her heels are a serious part of her personal arsenal.  They look downright dangerous.  Her goggles make a LOT more sense to me after seeing these solicit images.  I'll touch on that more with the next product.  This statue is slated for a July 2012 release.

Next up is a 6" figure due in June 2012.  It looks from this preliminary model that it will be more of a statue piece than an action figure, but only time will tell.  I'm assuming it will be made of vinyl and have a more reasonable price point than the large Icon Statue.  What's important about this photo is that it really shows us how her goggles and mask work together.  Her ears are the goggles flipped up on top of her head... it's simple and amazing and I love the functionality of the design.

The final DKR Catwoman product shown is the obligatory Mini-Bust.  While I'm not completely sold on the design, and I hate that the base says "Dark Knight Rises" on it (seriously?  If we're spending money on it think we know what it's from... labels always annoy me), I am still excited to add this to my growing collection of Catwoman busts.

My favorite of the newly revealed products is the DC New 52 Batgirl bust.  Batgirl is probably my all-around favorite character in comics and this looks like it will be a great addition to my collection.  Maybe we'll see a completed version at ToyFairNY.  I really hope Batwoman and Huntress get the same treatment since they're so prominent in the New 52.

And finally, we are shown designs for two new Cover Girls of the New 52 statues.  One is for Poison Ivy and one is for Catwoman.  I'm really starting to like the new Ivy look, but it was a slow acceptance on my part.  I think reading the few recent issues of Birds of Prey that guest-starred Batgirl swayed my opinion.  The cover shots weren't appealing to me so I felt as if I needed to see her in "motion" to appreciate the new look.  Catwoman is standard, but if she doesn't look better than (or at least different from) the existing Cover Girls Catwoman I'll probably pass.  I didn't show the picture, but they showed a pic of the new Wonder Woman Cover Girls of the New 52 sculpt and it looks like ass.  My first reaction was that it looked like a giant heroclix.  Click the link at the bottom to see ALL the newly revealed stuff including WW.

Have I mentioned that I'm excited about Anne Hathaway's Catwoman?  Here's a taste:

Check out for the complete set of reveals!

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