Saturday, February 4, 2012

DCUC Wave 20 DOVE Review!

Mattel's DC Universe Classics (Final) Wave 20 - Dawn Granger as Dove

Of all the classic DC properties to make a comeback in the past few years, one of my favorites is definitely Hawk & Dove.  I am secretly a big bird fanatic, and I also love allegorical characters, so we were a natural fit from the start.  I think I'm one of the few readers out there who is really enjoying the new series and who is really sad to see it come to an end in April.  All those great new secondary characters (read: more symbolic-bird-people for me :)): Condor, Swan, Osprey... but I digress.  It's ending and I understand why, but I'm still sad.  With all the new attention we've had a ton (okay, a few) Dove items released in the past year.  This will be the second action figure, plus there was a Bust, an Eaglemoss Figurine, and a HeroClix gamepiece.  Considering Dawn's version of the character has been around since the 80's, it's crazy that we JUST started getting merchandise in 2011.

Mattel's newest version of Dawn is part of DC Universe Classic Wave 20 (Necron Wave) which will be the last wave of the traditional DCUC series.  She come in pretty standard packaging and thankfully she's not displayed in some crazy leg-warping pose.  Her Collect-n-Connect Necron piece is the Pelvis and lower robes.

The figure is kind of awesome.  I've been really let down by DCUC women over the years.  Their legs are often bowed-out, their arms are too skinny, and their faces often seem very flat.  While this figure has a hint of each of those problems, they're mostly non-existent.


Another thing I noticed about this figure is that the side-hip-hinge-thing seems to be gone/hidden.  Am I crazy?  couldn't you always see the articulation for the leg-split function on the outer hip?  Unfortunately I'm away from the rest my collection as I type this to check, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Time for some comparisons now.  This isn't that in depth because I only have one other Dove item.  Luckily it's the important one that people will want to see compared with this figure.  Note that the DCDirect Brightest Day Dove can't stand up without her figure stand, so she is raised slightly higher than the Mattel version. (But they're still way out of scale with each other)

Here's hoping for Holly Granger as Hawk for a follow-up!  Cheers!

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