Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Halle Berry's CATWOMAN Bust!

DC Direct's 2004 Mini-Bust from the Ill-Fated Catwoman Movie

I know.  I know.  I've seen the movie.  I've shared in your pain.  I didn't like the plot.  I didn't like the costume design.  I didn't like the total-reimagining of such a great character.  HowEVER, I love Catwoman.  And I like to have some representation of all versions of her in my collection.  She's taken a lot of different forms over the years, most of which I've really liked, but several others which I really didn't.  The 2004 movie version is probably my least favorite look for the character.  I've analyzed what bothers me most about this looks, and for me, it's the gimmicky sex-appeal details combined with the non-functionality of the costume itself.  My least favorite parts are the cat-slashed leather pants and the ridiculous stillettos.  Seriously, if she were wearing plain leather pants and functional boots, this outfit would not be nearly as despised as it is.

(In all my obsessiveness, I did a quick photo-edit to try to make my point [scroll to the bottom]... maybe I'm crazy, but I think that's a thousand times better).  That said, this bust, by its very nature, spares me those awful costume details.  I think this bust shows an interesting variation of the Catwoman character.

If you're obsessive like me and need some representation of this version of Catwoman in your collection, then I think this is the product for you.  It also helps that I got her for twenty bucks on eBay :)

A secondary defense I have for this design is that it's not even supposed to be Selina Kyle, but rather a new character entirely - Patience Phillips.  So pretend it's an elseworlds tale, or do what I do and pretend the plot is inspired by Vertigo's Bast mini-series (where a young girl unknowingly invokes the spirit of the egyptian cat-goddess).  The movie is (somewhat) more acceptable if you let go of all Selina-pretense.  Also, I just recently bought this DVD at my local BigLots for $3 new.  I know! I'm ashamed! ..but I've accepted my faults.  Anyway, I suggest you do the same simply for the documentary in the extras, The Many faces of Catwoman hosted by Eartha Kitt.  I tried for a long time to find this documentary online, but no luck.  Not the greatest documentary, but definitely worth $3.

Time for some comparison shots!  I can't wait to add the DKR bust this summer :)


Here's that photo edit mentioned above.  I think a more militaristic feel would have made the costume so much better. (I added a utility belt, combat boots, a thigh-holster, and got rid of the slashes)

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