Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Masters of the Universe Classics SHADOW WEAVER!

Mattel's 2012 Club Eternia Exclusive Figure - The Evil Horde's Shadow Weaver
 It was a very tricky thing on Mattel's part to to make such an important character in the She-Ra/Princess of Power Universe such a hard-to-get figure.  For those unaware, the only way to get Shadow Weaver was to join their Club Eternia subscription program wherein you essentially agree to buy any and all MOTUC products that Mattel will produce that year, sight unseen.  The perks are that you're guaranteed to get every toy released and you get this awesome exclusive figure.  The cons are that you're spending a LOT of money on products that haven't even been announced yet.  This is my first year subscribing so I'm still testing the waters.  Previous years have had interesting (but non-essential) characters as the Club Eternia Exclusive.  Shadow Weaver is anything but non-essential though.  She appears in almost every episode of She-Ra and was always a fan favorite and a constantly formidable foe to the Great Rebellion.

Shadow Weaver comes in standard MOTUC packaging, but considering that this is her first incarnation in toy form, the biography on the back is an important insight into her mysterious past, previously only briefly touched on in a single episode of She-Ra.

The figure itself is Fantastic!  Seriously, Mattel and the Four Horsemen have outdone themselves this time.  I would have thought this character would be destined for a rigid, boring toy (a'la Cringer) just because of the nature of her cloak and leglessness, but she turned out amazing beyond my wildest expectations.  This is going to be a pretty lame review because I don't really have much to say.  The pictures will speak for themselves.

Shadow Weaver comes with (1) a wand, (2) a stand to make her hover, and (3) a book of spells - which I can't remember the name of, but was very specific to a She-Ra episode.  The hovering base is not necessary, as she stand perfectly well without it.  However, it should be noted that my stand connected to her base with a resounding "Click."  And I don't think it will be exactly easy to remove her from it.

Shadow Weaver's articulation is great.  Her cape/cloak moves well when you reposition her arms, no awkward folding or bulging.  The hip-bending articulation is an interesting and unexpected addition.

It had been specifically stated by Mattel that they would make an effort for her to match the same maroon color worn by the Orko figure from 2010.  Here are the two magicians for comparison.

Time for some group shots!  First up is Shadow Weaver paired with Catra, they are currently the only two female Horde members in the MOTUC line.

Here she is with a few more POP figures for good measure.

And here she is with ALL the current female POP figures.


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