Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Unknown Women of STAR WARS!

A Selection of 8 of My Favorite 3.75" Star Wars Ladies From Hasbro

If you're expecting the usual Star Wars lineup of princesses and strippers you can skip this post right now.  The original Star Wars films were never known for their sexual diversity.  Yes, Princess Leia was an awesome commanding character, but beyond that, where were the females?  Were there any females?   Luke had an aunt, there was that alien with lips in the Cantina band, and then that green stripper of Jabba's.  Where were they all hiding??  Was there a galactic epidemic that made women an endangered species?  Luckily the expanded Star Wars universe of novels, comics, and toys has created a number of cool ladies filling the ranks and helping balance the gender ratio (a little bit).  There have actually been ton of unique characters added, including many amazingly cool Jedi and Sith warriors that rival the main male characters we know and love.  But for this review, I have set some stipulations:  (1) They can't be princesses or strippers, (2) They can't have lightsabres, and (3) They have to look like they could fit into the original trilogy... here goes nothin'...

Mandalorians & Clone Troopers Box Set
Entertainment Earth Exc - Hasbro 2007

The first of my selection is the bounty hunter Isabet Reau.  She came as part of an Entertainment Earth exclusive Star Wars Republic Elite Forces - "Mandalorians & Clone Troopers" Box Set 2007. 

Mandalorians & Omega Squad Box Set
Entertainment Earth Exc - Hasbro 2007

Second up is the bookend figure to Isabet:  the bounty hunter Rav Bralor from the "Mandalorians & Omega Squad" Box set released at the same time as the previous set as an Entertainment Earth exclusive from Hasbro 2007.

Hasbro seems to have a trend where they'll release multiple similar figures at the same time.  Luckily there's usually enough of a variation to really differentiate the separate characters.  My only issue with these two is that their helmets seem a little large for their frames at times.

Star Wars Legacy: Joker Squad Box Set
Entertainment Earth Exc - Hasbro 2009

Next up is the first female Storm Trooper, Jes Gistang, from the Star Wars Legacy: Joker Squad Exclusive Box Set from Entertainment Earth and Hasbro 2009.

I love that she came with a bazooka - i,e. the 3.75" accessory reserved for the most kickass characters.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed - 30th Anniversary Collection #15
Hasbro 2008

Next up is Juno Eclipse, a female Imperial Officer.  Juno came packaged as a single character on a 30th Anniversary Card.  She has since had a second figure released with an opened shirt/jacket, but I prefer the strict militaristic look of this version.

Star Wars Empire - 30th Anniversary Collection #39
Hasbro 2007

The same-time-duplicate of Juno was Private Deena Shan, the Supply Officer.  Deena was released in a Star Wars Empire Comic 2-Pack.  There was a variant of this figure with a ponytail/hairbun as well as a completely redesigned figure years later.

I have two issues with these figures: (1) The plastic on the faces is ghostly pale and too shiny. These photos have been manipulated to make them look as human as possible, yet they still look seasick.  And (2) these figures don't stand well at all.  I actually photoshopped out the ugly figure stands I had them on.  I couldn't even to get them to balance for a quick photo.  Very unlike most Star Wars figures.

The final three figures are all Rebel X-Wing pilots and share the same basic body.  There were at least two additional female X-Wing pilots released (one brunette, one bald), but I didn't really want a whole legion of girls with identical bodies.

Star Wars The Legacy Collection - Comic 2-Pack #17
Walmart Exc - Hasbro 2009

First up is Ibtisam, a Mon Calamari pilot from the Star Wars Comic Pack: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #19.  She actually inspired this whole little collection of mine.  I saw her in a store and thought she looked really cool... then one thing led to another.. you know how it goes...

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Legacy 3-Pack #2
Hasbro 2009

Next up is Cesi Eirriss aka "Doc" - a female Twi'Lek pilot released with the Star Wars Legacy Collection - Evolutions: Rebel Pilot Legacy Box Set.  All these figures have really cool, really well-designed helmets.  Cesi's is one of the best.  It fits very snuggly yet removes easily, not nearly as complicated at it looks.

Star Wars Rebel Pilot Legacy 3-Pack #1
Hasbro 2008

And finally, we have Dorovio Bold, a human pilot from the Star Wars Legacy Collection - Evolutions -Rebel Pilot Legacy Box Set (A different one than mentioned above - in fact, I believe the additional two females pilots that are not shown here came in two similar, yet different, Box Sets).

Time for some group photos!



  1. What I like about all of these figures you have here (and hate about the Star Wars Prequels) is that none of these gals are sexed up, yet many of the Prequel female Jedi are. I'm not 'anti-sexy' but a sexy Jedi makes zero sense and is the antithesis of all the Original Trilogy taught us that the Jedi stood for.

    The girls you have here are all warriors and dressed accordingly.

    Nerd rant over ;)

  2. Nerd Rant much appreciated! I agree with the sexiness coming off as a little awkward in these movies. That's one of the main reasons my Star Wars collection consists of figures like these above. I do appreciate a lot of a new Jedi and Sith and most of them are fully clothed. Someday soon I'll have to review my Galactic Heroes women.. those versions are he antithesis of objectified :)