Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Walking Dead MICHONNE!

McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead - Comic Series 1 - Michonne

I feel like I've been writing a lot of reviews lately about characters and brands I know nothing about.  I have never watched The Walking Dead nor read any of the comics.  What I do know is that I've been spying this beautiful action figure on the shelves for a couple months now and when I found her at a liquidating Toys'R'us, I couldn't pass her up.  I need to do some serious research into what McFarlane Toys has been up to the past few years because this is the second time they've impressed me so far in 2012. (And this is after many many years of being quite the opposite of impressed).  It's always surprising to me how few female action figures are produced, and even more surprizing how few African American females are produced.  This fantastic figure has inspired me to create a series of posts dedicated to Black History Month.  I honestly don't have enough figures to do a daily themed post, but I have some really interesting figures I will be reviewing.  (Click Black History Month (BHM) in the post labels to see them all.)

The Walking Dead is on my reading and watching list, I swear.  Currently I'm watching all of Nurse Jackie and Silverhawks and I'm reading through all of InuYasha, so I'll probably get around to it by this time next year (when the box sets are on sale at Target!)

On to the review:  The packaging is colorful, cool, and nearly impossible to photograph well.  I love the detail of the zombies in blue reaching up around the figure.

Michonne is just such a great figure.  Great pose, great articulation (21 points!), great clothes, great accessories, great face.  Seriously, Kudos McFarlane.  I wish this level of work and articulation went into all your past properties, too.

Did I mention accessories?  Judging from the cardback it seems like this series is crazy with them.  Michonne Comes with (1) a Sword, (2) a Drill, (3.) a Spoon, (4) Pliers, and (5) a Hammer.  Seriously, a Spoon?!  I shouldn't love this as much as I do.

What's the most threatening??

Her Left hand only seems suited for the drill since it has a much larger grip.  The other hand is tighter and can hold anything, but I think she looks best wielding the sword.


Time for some group shots!  I only have one other McFarlane figure (from my Halo review earlier this week), so I'm showing her with two other random action figures of popular scales; a 3.75" G.I.Joe and a 6" DCUC.

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