Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PEZ Dark Knight Rises CATWOMAN Dispenser!

Comic Version Selina PEZ for June's DKR-Themed Assortment?

If this photo posted on the Official PEZ Facebook page (by a member, not PEZ itself!) is real and not an elaborate fake, then I will be drunk on little candy bricks all summer as a horde as many of these beautiful ladies as I can find :)  I've mentioned on this blog before that I am a collector of many many many things.. it's genetic.  I can count the family members who don't obsessively collect things on one hand.  One of my first and longest-running collections is PEZ.  At my last inventory I had over 800 different dispensers and that was years ago.  Anyway, I mention this because it's a very rare thing indeed when two hobbies come together like this.  I will definitely get one dispenser for my PEZ collection and one for my Catwoman collection, and a few dozen more for posterity.

PEZ announced a Dark Knight Rises series of dispensers for June 2012 back in February but gave no details about characters.  Some time later they mentioned on their Facebook page that we would be seeing (only) one new character released in this assortment.  We figured that this had to mean either Bane or Catwoman.  I actually had a nagging feeling that the new dispenser would be Bane, but I'm hoping that this photo is legitimate and we're getting a fantastic looking Catwoman.  We received an updated Batman with the Justice League set last year that willl most likely be a straight re-release (or more hopefully a black repaint).

Update 5/8/12: PEZ Officially unveiled this dispenser on their Facebook page.  So.. um.. I guess you can disregard the rest of my speculation in this post.  But I'm leaving it up just for kicks.  Here is the pic:

Here's the original photo posted on Facebook by a PEZ Candy, Inc page member::

PEZ fans are known to make pretty elaborate fakes when they're feeling inspired.  There are two reasons why I think this is real.  (1) It has the "bust" design that a lot of the modern character dispensers are sporting (most fakes look like classic PEZ with just a head) and (2) I don't recognize the sculpt from any other Catwoman products (fakes usually steal a head from another toy).  But if this is by some chance a fake, I want it anyway :)

Here are the Justice League dispensers from last year.  I think that Batman would look good in black.

Happy hunting!

PS.  I photoshopped (poorly) the thumbnail image on this blog to reduce the glare... so if you want to scrutinize for authenticity, use the original pic.

Update:: She's on eBay!


  1. This is a nice piece - the paint on the nose chipped off on mine but hey, it's a PEZ dispenser after all. Once again, really loving this blog!

  2. I have one I got from my grandmother if you want it?