Friday, July 27, 2012


Both Movie and Comic Version Collectible Block Figures from Mezco

I swore a long time I would never buy any cutesy, Super-Deformed, Urban/Vinyl toys.  They weren't "serious" enough for me and they just looked silly.  Years later I have a small shelf dedicated to these little monsters.  Kubricks, Mini-Mates, SHS, Blammoids, Cosbabies, Lego, and Funko Pop have invaded my heroic world and I don't think I will ever look back.  I even made room for Imaginext, Little People, and Polly Pocket.. what is the world coming to??  My one caveat is that they have to be small, I don't want giant looming marshmallow men peppered throughout my collection.  Because of this, Mez-itz were off my radar until they introduced their Mini line of 2-inch figures.  These two Catwomen are my first Mez-Itz and I must admit I am won over.

The Dark Knight Rises Mez-Itz are heavily stocked at Toys'R'Us right now.  Catwoman comes in three versions.  (1) A Mini 2" packaged with Batman, (2) a Mini 2" package with the Bat-Pod motorcycle, and (3) a big 6" scale Catwoman that I haven't seen in person yet.

She is a very fun little figure.  Five points of articulation including a ball-jointed neck.  The paint (decal?) application is flawless and quirky.  I love the ponytail on her shoulder.

The comic version of Catwoman was recently announced a surprise 2012 Summer exclusive from Mezco.  I immediately went on the Mezco website to order one but got really upset at their insane shipping costs (Over $18 to ship a small keychain... craziness).  I had to wait until after SDCC and pick up one on eBay.. but I saved a ton of money (even with inflated eBay prices.)  This figure was actually a keychain but I removed the plastic loop with an Xacto blade before I took any pics.

I love both of these figures, but together I love them even more!

It's interesting how purple the Comic version seems next to the Movie one.

Time for some comparison pics!

See how tiny these little kitties are??!  It makes them cuter in my eyes.

And here's one with a Blammoid added (for the few non-Blammoid-haters out there :))


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