Monday, September 24, 2012


Bearbrick Series 24 Secret Figure from MediCom Toy Inc

The Medicom Company of Japan makes the most wonderfully quirky toys.  Their line of Kubrick brick figures continues to amaze me with adorable representations of some of the most randomly awesome characters.  Where else will you find a toy of Gumby's mother, Edward Scissorhands' topiaries, or Audrey Tautou as Amélie?  The whole line is a collector's dream because nothing about it is predictable or boring.  Their Bearbrick line is somewhat less appealing to me.  This line uses a standard buck of a potbellied teddy bear, which in my humble opinion can tend to limit the aesthetic of the toys, especially when it comes to female characters.  When the first DKR products started being revealed, I started googling for a Catwoman Kubrick from the movie (which I still assume is inevitable).  One fateful day my search returned images of this Catwoman Bearbrick.  She was a "Mystery Figure" meaning that she wasn't included in the Series 24 solicit images (which had been circulating for a while) and only became known once she hit the stores.

Selina has the privilege of being the second DC female in the Bearbrick line (behind Watchmen's Silk Spectre).  I was a bit hesitant about my first Bearbrick purchase, especially considering her high price tag - being an imported chase figure and all - but I am pleasantly surprised at how odd she is and the reactions she gets from my friends are always varied and amusing.

So weird, right?
Her articulation is pretty limited.  This next photo pretty much details the extent of her flexibility. 

One interesting thing to note is that her ears are cast in clear plastic with black "cat ears" painted on them.  I stress this because the pictures I saw online all had me convinced they were white solid plastic.

Here are the current Bearbrick ladies in the Marvel line:  Marvel Girl, Storm, Invisible Woman, and Black Widow.

And here is Silk Spectre from Watchmen:

I'm really tempted by those weirdo Marvel ladies.

Time for some comparison pics!

Here she is with an assortment of other Medicom Bat-Ladies

And here she is with my small but wonderful DKR Catwoman collection:


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