Monday, October 1, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 1 - ELVIRA!

The Mistress of the Dark Exclusive from Amok Time

I love Halloween, I love action figures, and I love vampy women.  This month, in honor of all three, I will attempt to review a fantastic wicked lady every day.   The first figure for the month is the Amok Time Exclusive Monstars Elvira figure.  She came in two variations; Plain-face and Winking-face.  In my opinion, the plain face is the superior version.  The wink version is an admirable attempt to capture the mischievous flirt that is Elvira, but it is nearly impossible to capture a quirky expression in plastic and have it look right.  There are a lot of different Elvira figures out there; mostly statues, garage kits, and a few action figures, but I personally find this version of the Amok Time figure to be the best.

Here's an in-package pic I found online, including a solicitation image showing the winking version.

Time for a comparison pic!


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