Saturday, October 20, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 12 - DEMONA!

The Leading Villainess from Disney's Gargoyles from Kenner 1995

Gargoyles was a surprisingly dark property for Disney in the 1990's.  The "princess" films were beginning their second renaissance (Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, etc), afterschool cartoons were dominated by DuckTales, Talespin, Gummi Bears, Rescue Rangers, Marsupilami.. it was all great toonage, but all very lighthearted and childlike.  I was gearing up to leave Disney in the dust as I matured out of the genre.  Then along comes Gargoyles.  It was dark, complex, and dramatic.  The character development, far-reaching story arcs, and overall mature themes were a perfect segue for the aging Disney demographic.  Demona was a complex character a'la Mystique from X-Men.  She was the main character, Goliath's, former mate and mother to the character Angela.  The main tribe of Gargoyles featured in the cartoon were peaceful and wanted to coexist and protect the humans.  Demona from the Wyvern tribe, however, felt victimized and held a deep hatred for humans.  I think the "I'm the victim" motivation always makes for the best antagonists.

Demona has an action feature where her wings will flap when you squeeze her legs together.

Like most action figures geared towards children, she comes with a ridiculously large projectile-launching weapon that she can barely hold.

There were a lot of great females Gargoyles that unfortunately never made it into plastic.  Here is a sampling.
(most of these screencaps are taken from, the Gargoyles Wiki - check them out!)











 Time for Comparison Pic!


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