Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 3 - FUNKO POP! WITCHES

The POP! Vinyl Line From Funko Shows Us How Adorable Dark Side Can Be

Welcome to the third installment in my month-long Halloween celebration of the wickedest plastic women on the market.  I have been dying to find an justification to collect more Funko POP figures.  I have being buying their female super-heroes but they are released in a painfully slow trickle.  I had been wanting to assemble a collection of classic movie villainesses for years, but scale and quality inconsistencies kept me from taking the plunge.  Then one day earlier this year I made a fateful step into a Disney store where I saw their collection of Disney POPs.  A few google searches later and I was hooked and a few months later I had a nice little collection going.  I hope this line continues forever.  There is so much potential for more fantastic characters and my fingers are crossed that we'll see them.

First up is the Disney Funko POP! Series #09 - Maleficent!  This Sleeping Beauty witch will reach even higher levels of popularity when her live-action movie hits the theatres.  Expect the secondary market prices for this puppy to skyrocket.   This figure was released in three sizes: this standard 3.75" version, plus a mini 2" version and a giant 9" version.  Also, there was a metallic variant of the 3.75" edition.

Next up is the Disney Funko POP! Series #42 - Evil Queen!  I bet all the other Disney villains curse this Snow White antagonist for copywriting the name before they were ever drawn.

Next up is the Disney Funko POP! Series #11 - Cruella De Vil!  I never knew how to spell this 101 Dalmatians villain's name until I sat down to write this post, and, in turn, the play on words never really donned on me until right now.

Next up is the Wizard of Oz Funko POP! Series #08 - Wicked Witch!  I really can't wait to get my hands on more non-Disney witches in this collection, but for now the Wicked Witch of the West is the only one.

Finally, we have the Disney Funko POP! Series #28 - Ursula!  This Little Mermaid Sea-Witch has always been my favorite Disney Villain.  I think the octopus tentacles are genius.

Time for some group shots!



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    1. I can't wait to add Lily Munster to it this year! (along with the Bride of Frankenstein I just got recently). So many cute witchy ladies!