Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 9 - SHAYA!

The Power Lords' Queen of Power, Shaya, from Revell 1982

The Power Lords are just about the creepiest toy line I can think of (Pulsar is a close second).  I remember as a kid everytime my parents went into our local Rea & Derick drugstore, I would race my brothers to the meager toy section.   There we would try peek in through the sides of the Power Lords' plastic packaging to see the characters' gross alter-egos (sculpted on their backs) .  I know they are intended to look like alien forms, but to me they looks like raw exposed muscle.  I was disgusted, I was appalled, but mostly I was intrigued.  Looking back now, these toys are quite genius.  Every single one has some kind of duality feature, whether it's as simple as a head that spins to expose a second face, or in the case of the two main characters, Adam Power and Shaya, an entire body transformation completed in a surprisingly simple way; by turning them around. 

Shaya is the Queen of Power, and brother to Adam, the King of Power.  Their storyline (from comics and cardbacks) is a classic story of revenge as they battle the aliens who killed their parents.  They transform into the King and Queen of Power by way of Adam's jewel and Shaya's third eye.

Power Lords: The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors!

I'm embarrassed that I didn't notice her loincloth was so askew.  Disregard the peepshow please.

Her cape is awesome.  She is the only character in the line with a cape which is surprising since it's such a simple and effective way to disguise the alien form.  The cape is made of really rigid plastic and actually looks like a cape! (a small gripe I ave with a lot of modern capes these days).

I'm not 100% positive how her helmet/headdress is supposed to fit on her head.  I think it looks best they was I showed it in the majority of these pictures, but I think perhaps it's meant to sit back and show her third eye.

Ready for the gross-out moment??

She's double-jointed! (and double-thumbed!)

I realize now after I took this final shot, that her true Queen of Power form should not include the headpiece and her chestpiece should be spun around so just a single satchel-type bands cuts across her torso.

You'll see what I mean from the graphic on this carded pic I snagged from an eBay auction.

Time for a Comparison pic!


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  1. I have just discovered Shaya for the first time and an utterly thrilled to see such a bizarre female action figure. I can't wait to get one of my own to add to my collection of weird vintage toys!