Sunday, December 30, 2012

DC Direct Watchmen SILK SPECTRE!

Silk Spectre Classic Movie Figure - DC Direct 2009
I felt like a lot of the action figures that were released from the 2009 Watchmen movie left a lot to be desired.  I personally felt that it was a fantastic movie and a great adaptation of the classic comics.  Of all the toys, I felt that the DC Direct Classic Silk Spectre and Classic Nite Owl were the standout stars.  They have fantastic sculpts, great character representations, and display some of the best film-based interpretations of comic heroes I've ever seen.  In the film, Carla Gugino plays Sally Jupiter (Juspeczyk), one of the original members of the Minutemen.  For most of the movie, she is shown in modern times as the overbearing "stage mom" to her daughter Laurie, whom she convinced to take up her retired mantle and become Silk Spectre (II).  The sculpt by Karen Palinko is predictably gorgeous.  I especially love how her suggestive costume contradicts her angelic face.  And also how the ball-jointed head lets you pose her with subtle variations that completely change the demeanor of the character.  Check out the full review below.

One thing I love about the classic Silk Spectre is her overly-sexualized, and even sexually deviant character traits.  To me, this is a commentary of the role of heroines in early comics.  You would be hard pressed to find a golden age Wonder Woman story that didn't end up with her getting tied up and threatened with a spanking.  It was masked in superheroics, but there was always a very kinky subtext.  Sally Jupiter just wore this on her sleeve.

She is decently articulated, but the pose she has in the package is probably the best to keep her displayed in.

 Here are some images of Silk Spectre from the 1986 comic and the 2009 film.

Time for a comparison shot!

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