Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The Rebellious Royal Lionid from Playmates 1996

I love love love cat-people.  While I wasn't the biggest fan the 1996 animated Flash Gordon series, I did love the fact that it introduced Princess Thundarr (I spell it with two R's here because all references to the show spell it Thundarr, while all references to the toy spell it Thundar.  Maybe it's mistake or a legal issue, but either way it's worth mentioning.)  This series of Flash Gordon revamped him as a daring teenage skateboarder.  I don't know who ever thought that kind of restructuring would be a good idea.  Anyway, back to the Lionid Thundarr, from her wiki bio she comes from a species of felinoids. She is an impetuous and excellent fighter, and an expert at hand-to-hand combat.  The bio card on the cardback (from Ming the Merciless' point-of-view) is pretty amusing.  I didn't realize the comical angle at first and thought it was a very unflattering depiction.  Princess Thundarr easily joins the ranks of Thundercats, Realm of the Claw, Seventh Kingdom, and all the other properties that have brought us fantastic Cat-Ladies.  On to the review!



Princess Thundar comes with three accessories:  Her Lion Star, a Rebel Visipad, and of course a space skateboard (aka a Rocket Rolling AirSled)


Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Oh Princess Thundar and Dale Arden to this line. I have a ton of them stashed away. When these were released they were hard to find in my area.. and Dale's shirt would scratch so I kept buying spares.

    1. I wish I was collecting back in the nineties. The only toys I remember buying back then were the New Mutants set and some of the figure from the Voltron reboot. I don't remember these Flash Gordon figures at all, but they were certainly a fun discovery a decade later.

    2. The 90's was when I first started collecting. I had a ton of figures growing up, but most of them were in poor played-with condition. Toyfare magazine came out then and I was in Middle School maybe early High School at the time these came out.

    3. I just had a memory of my first foray into collecting. I was in middle school and a neighbor boy had a crush on my sister... both seniors in high school. Somehow I convinced him to sell me his vintage GIJoe Baroness for a dollar. This was maybe in 1991... so she was long gone from the stores, but still many years before the internet would make collecitng easy.. so she was like a holy grail for me. Of course I was a super-manipulative little kid so I made sure to make the transaction happen in front of my sister so he would be super agreeable to anything I asked. In remembering this, I realize that my obsession for female action figures has always been present.. probably going all the way back to age seven or eight... but this baroness was the first time I procured one with the intent to keep her as a pristine little treasure (aka, not a plaything). Ahh memories :)