Friday, December 21, 2012

Marvel Universe SCARLET WITCH!

Marvel Universe Wave 19 #016 - Scarlet Witch - From Hasbro 2012

I never would have guessed that that little Wanda Maximoff would become the major player in modern comics that she has become.  In my comic book history, she has always been a B-List, or even C-List, mutant.. relegated to West Coast Avengers storylines and pretty much off my radar.  It wasn't until Oliver Coipel's work on Avengers began that I noticed her potential as the powerhouse she has become.  Within a few years, the House of M storyline unfolded and she truly cemented herself in Marvel history.  I must say that I absolutley love how she is a major catalyst behind one of my favorite superhero team books of all time, the Young Avengers.  Another fantastic thing about her is that her original costume is still so relevant and appealing.  Wanda Maximoff is the mutant daughter of Magneto and twin sister of the speedster Quicksilver.  While she hasn't always been A-list, she has definitely always been present.  Her representation in plastic has beena little sluggish over the years but is definitely picking up steam.  This newest figure is arguably the best so far.  On to the review!

My only pet peeve with these more recent Marvel Universe ladies is that the upper thigh cut it too visible.  I wish it were tighter and more discreet because I find it very distracting to the overall aesthetic.

A nice feature about this figure is that she can stand by utilizing the rigidness of her cape as a prop.

She comes with a pink energy ball that fits over her hand.  It's the same one that came with Jubilee.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Looking forward to adding Wanda & Jubilee to MU. She is a really nice little figure.

    Very glad they have made some hi-heels for the women now too.

    1. Jubilee is one of my favs. I really hope we see a classic Polaris someday, too!