Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two Third-Party Transformers NIGHTBIRD Figures!

Nightbird and TRNS-EX1 TFCon Exclusive Night-Bird from ImpossibleToys

It's no secret that the driving force behind most toy enthusiasts is nostalgia.  I'm definitely no exception.  When I get my hands on a toy that hits that nostalgic nerve, I am instantly transported back to my childhood, feeling all the wonder and awe of my youth - it's fantastic.  The character of Nightbird sparks those feelings for me in spades.  She appeared in a single episode of Transformers in 1985 as a giant female ninja robot created by a human scientist.  The Transformers are charged with protecting her, but the Decepticons kidnap her and reprogram her to be their spy and saboteur.  She doesn't talk in the episode, she just sneaks around, escapes a lot, and does a ton of cool ninja stuff.  She was dark, mysterious, gadget-laden, and acrobatic, so obviously I was smitten.  Even as a kid I never expected to have a toy of her.  That's the beauty of Third Party toy manufacturers.  We all know the Hasbro has no intention of ever making this figure, but lucky for us, someone took it in the heir hands to make it happen - and voilĂ !  TWO Nightbirds.  This hobby amazes me sometimes.

The first figure seems to be an entirely original sculpt. The box has really great graphics, but no windows to see the product.

 I think this is a great figure.  The details and likeness are fantastic.  I think the only aesthetic flaw is that her arms are a tad too long.

The only hindrance with her articulation is her shoulder pieces prohibit an arms-front position.  The biceps always have to be positioned directly outwards from the body.  This is interesting because the joints are there, just obstructed.  Very similar to the Go-Bots Solitaire figure.

She comes with nun chucks (that can be sheathed in her backpack) and an Energy Sword.  The sais on her forearms are not removable.

The next figure is a retooling of the TRNS-1 Valkyrie (psst.. it's Arcee) figure from ImposibleToys.  Because of this re-use of an existing body, Nightbird has an alternate car mode.  (She's a non-transformable robot ninja in the cartoon)

Look, it's a Decepticon-colored Arcee!

Although she retains a lot of the signature Arcee elements in her design, she is still very distinctly Nightbird.

 Note: This figure has tiny feet and is very topheavy, so it is very unlikely you could get her to stand on hr own.

 Nightbird come with an Energy Sword, two pistols, two Sais, and two clips so each Sai can be mounted to a forearm (see small pic).  I wasn't able to get the Sais to fit in her hands.  Perhaps with a little dremmeling.

Here are a few screenshots from the 1985 Transformers episode Enter the Nightbird.  Click the pics to go to the Transformers Wiki and learn more about her.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

And here they are with the Transformers: Prime Arcee figure.



  1. I've been trying to decide between the Impossible Toys non transformable version & the newer iGear MGT-06 figure.

    The TRNS figure is cool, but I prefer her as she looked in the show.

    I was surprised to see her in the MGT series actually. They started with that amazing MGT-01 Arcee & then showed an early prototype for MGT-02 Firestar which has vanished, & now we seem to have skipped the remaining females pictured (Elita-1, Moonracer & Chromia) to MGT-06 with Nightbird.

    I really hope they get around to Elita-1 & the other G1 fembots.

    1. Wow I didn't even know about the MGT-06! It's very tempting, but I'm just not budgeted for her right now. I had seen the Firestar image a while ago and was excited to see the whole crew... perhaps someday. I would kill for a Beta. This reminded me of a project I started a few years ago (and which I believe is nearly complete) involving Elita and her girls. I will dig it out of storage and hopefully post on it soon.