Friday, January 25, 2013

JoeCon 2013 Exclusive CRIMSON ASP Revealed!

GI Joe Convention 2013 Night Force: Nocturnal Fire Boxset - by Hasbro

These GI Joe convention exclusives are killing me.  I still don't have Daina from JoeCon 2012 or either Jinx from SDCC.. not to mention all Collector's Club ladies starting to pile up on eBay.  I may actually have to call it quits with my Joe collection, which is a major shame because until Daina, I had every single female GI Joe (Including Glenda).  Anyway, despite my reluctance to shell out $60 a pop for these figures on the secondary market, this reveal of a brand new Cobra female is very exciting news.  When I read the announcement last week, I googled her name and found a concept drawing by artist Jimbo Salgado, I didn't know if it was legit or not, but based off the product images we now have, I'll say it was pretty authentic.  The figure makes a great re-use of existing parts with an original headsculpt.  The upper body and waistcoat come from Resolute Baroness and the legs come from Resolute Scarlett.  She will be available at JoeCon April 4-7 in Indianapolis, IN.  Check out the pics below!

Get more information on Crimson Asp, the other exclusives, and JoeCon itself at the GI Joe Collector's Club.
Here is the concept art by Jimbo Salgado.  Click his name to go to his ComiConArt page.

And lastly, here are Crimson Asp's component parts:  Resolute Scarlett's legs and Resolute Baroness's upper body and waistcoat.



  1. Nearly crapped my pants when I saw Crimson Asp!!

    When we first saw the art I was thinking she would be wearing red & have blonde hair, but I do really like the green.

    An eyepatch. Reminds one of a James Bond villian! Love it.

    We have a lot of redhead ladies in GI Joe now.

    I was lucky enough to get the boxed Oktober Guard set. I'd never bought a Joecon set before & probably never will again...but I loved every figure in that set.

    Also managed to snag most of the other exclusives...both Jinx figures, Sparta, Night Stalkers, Doc, Natalie Poole. I did buy both the SDCC Zarana's, but one 1 arrived. Will have to hunt down the black 'Cold Slither' figure again one day.

    There is another new female at Joecon. Freestyle her name is. Hopefully she gets a new head.

    1. I really dig the design of Crimson Asp, but I hope her headsculpt gets refined a little. To me she looks a little dopey.

      I somehow missed Freestyle! Looking forward to seeing her now.