Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Neopets: Legends of Neopia ILLUSEN!

Neopets: Legends of Neopia - Illusen the Earth Faerie - by ThinkWay Toys 2004

Neopets is an online virtual pet website from 1999 that took popular elements from some Japanese properties like Pokemon and Digmon and added a Sims-like customizable/playable twist.  The concept was very popular and is still successful (and often imitated by newer mega-brands like Webkins).  My perception of the Neopets characters were very cute little anime-styled critters (ie.. very Pokemon), that why I was surprised to discover this line of action figures featuring very humanoid characters.  These figures are very hard to find.  Apparently they barely made it into the market and were most often found in discount stores or clearance sections.  I don't know much about Neopets or Illusen, but I have discovered that she is an Earth Faerie that lives in her tree-top sanctuary in Meridell.  She also apparently played a big part in the PS2 game Neopets: The Darkest Faerie.  It's amazing how little information I can find about her considering the sheer amount of images you can find.   Just google her and you'll see.  On to the the Review!

This cardback is not from Illusen, but it's the only image I could find online.  If you want to see pictures of the rest of the figures in this series, check out Virtual Toy Chest's Neopets page.

 Illusen comes with her Petpet Mortog, her Earth Bow, and 2 Arrows.  Her wings are only attached by two pegs and are easily removable.

Her articulation is plentiful but limited.  Her upper leg joints are real simple Barbie-like cuts.  This makes the double-jointed knees a little useless.  The lack of wrist articulation in bow-wielding characters always baffles me - that unnecessary bicep cut could easily be swapped for a little wrist action.  She could really benefit from a flight stand too. (Although when figures don't have ball-jointed necks, flight poses always look a little too stiff)

Here is a typical image of Illusen found online (I'm assuming it's from the neopet's virtual world), and also a collectible card.  (I just noticed they have the exact same face).

Time for a Comparison Shot!

Did I mention she's large?  I didn't realize how big she would be when I was hunting her.  I think she's be a much more interesting figure in a 5" scale.  But I still thing she's great.


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