Thursday, January 10, 2013


Destiny Angel and Harmony Angel from Vivid Imaginations 1993

Captain Scarlet and Mysterons is a classic British Supermarionation series produced by Gerry Anderson in 1967.  Younger generations are familiar with Supermarionation as the retro-looking puppetwork in movies like Team America: World Police and MTV's Super Adventure Team series.  However, the genre was a well-established sci-fi/adventure artform all throughout the 1960s.  Thunderbirds, Stingray, and Terrahawks were all very popular in their time and featured a similar stylized "puppet" look.  Captain Scarlet, however, featured very humanlike puppets with correct proportions and almost mannequin-like visages.  The series focused on the conflicts between the extra-terrestrial Mysterons and the international defense team Spectrum.  Spectrum's headquarters were an airborne ship called Cloudbase, and protecting Cloudbase were five female pilots (the Angels): Destiny, Harmony, Melody, Rhapsody, and Symphony.  Unfortunately only Destiny and Harmony got the toy treatment.

We'll start with Harmony Angel.  She is the token Asian Angel in the multi-national and multi-cultural group.
Both characters come with helmets that fit just fine, but look a little ridiculous.  I'll start with non-helmeted pictures.

 Harmony comes with a helmet and a pistol.  Her helmet has holes along the sides, while Destiny's is solid.



And here is a screenshot of Harmony from the show
Up next is the leader of the Angels, Destiny.
The funny thing about this figure is that I never realized show messed up her left eye was until I took these photos.  She's small enough of a figure that I never noticed all these years she's been in my collection.


Destiny's Helmet has solid sides.  Mine is unfortunately missing its Spectrum sticker.


Here is a screenshot of Destiny Angel from the show followed by a shot of the group.

And here's a video to give you some cool visuals.
Time for some comparison Shots!
(Haha.  I just realized that Destiny's Spectrum sticker is on her shoulder!  I thought my figure was complete.)




  1. They look like they're wearing toddler swing seats on their heads haha!

    1. Ha! I just tried to see if I could squeeze their butts into the helmets for an addition pic but it wouldn't work :)