Wednesday, February 1, 2012

G.I.Joe Renegades SCARLETT!

G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 2011.3 - Renegades Scarlett - from Hasbro

The leading lady of the Joe's returns with her NINETEENTH(!) figure since her humble/awkward toy beginnings in 1982... and honestly she hasn't aged a day.  [Check out all her previous incarnations at the go-to place for G.I.Joe info,  In case you're not aware, G.I.Joe Renegades is the newest Joe cartoon; currently being aired on  The Hub.  I haven't watched it yet myself, but I loved the last show (G.I.Joe Resolute), and it looks like Renegades is cut from that same cloth.  While this character doesn't fully embrace an animated style, it's definitely a slight departure from the typical 30th Anniversary look.  Of course, this could just be the packaging swaying my opinion, because sitting here looking at the thumbnail I just posted, she looks less stylized/cartoonish than many of her recent 30th Anniversary predecessors.

The packaging is very fresh and new.  For those collecting MOC, these Resolute figures will definitely stand out as some of the most colorful in the line.

The figure itself is great.  Her costume comes across as a very stylized but functional combat suit.  I love when characters can be feminine and sexy without wearing skintight catsuits or sporting cleavage down to their navels.  G.I.Joe has always been very realistic about their females and I applaud them for that.

Scarlett comes with her ever-present crossbow, a small sawed-off-type laser pistol, and a figure stand.  My Scarlett actually has trouble holding the crossbow with only one hand, her grips are too loose and the crossbow handle is too thin.  It works fine if she holds it with two hands, but I thought this was interesting because usually these modern Joes can hold their accessories great.

Note the freestanding posing possibilities with the new ankle articulation (detailed below).

There's some new ankle articulation that I'm noticing for the first time with this figure (Zanya and Zarana don't have it).  The ankles now incorporate the standard swivel with a ball joint.  (Before they were all swivel and pivot combos I believe).  This gives the foot a crazy range of motion.  Combined with the double-jointed knees, this makes for some awesome posing potential.

For those of you who admire Scarlett as much as I do, I highly recommend picking up the comic G.I.Joe Declassififed: Scarlett published by Devil's Due in 2006.  You get an unexpected origin story with art by the amazing Phil Noto.  I have vague memories of her discovering the crossbow and it changing her life.  I'm totally reading it as soon as I post this.

Click picture for a link the the MileHighComics web store

Finally some comparison shots.  Here is Scarlett with two of her most recent versions: Resolute Scarlett, and Rise of Cobra Movie Scarlett.

Uh-oh.. Here come the first Scarlett (1982) and the comic repaint of her first 30th Anniversary figure... they always ruin everything...


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  1. Yes. One of the best Scarletts ever. She has come a long way from the first one.