Friday, February 1, 2013

Kreon Micro-Changers AIRACHNID!

TransFormers Kre-O Mini-Figure - Airachnid - Hasbro 2013

I love a good evil fembot.  Airachnid is a villain in the CGI animated Transformers: Prime series.  She's essentially a new iteration of Blackarachnia, but with a different personality and backstory - plus she has an additional vehicle form of a helicopter (in addition to her spider beast-mode and robot form).  Apparently the Airachnid in the Kreon Micro-Changers (Blind Packs Series 1) is intended to be a new character altogether.  This Airachnid is a Predacon with a spider mode.  I frankly don't see much of a difference besides the missing chopper form, but oh well.  Kreons are the Transformers of the Kre-O universe, which in turn are Hasbro's attempt at a competitive brand for Lego and Mega-Bloks.  This Airachnid figure is the first Kre-O figure I have bought (but not the last.. the GI Joe sets are on the horizon!) and I think it's pretty great.  For now, the blind packs have an easily-decipherable code so there's no true blind luck involved.  Hopefully we'll see an Arcee in the future waves.  Let's check out Airachnid!

If you are after Airachnid, make sure you get the series that says "12 to Collect" at the top.  There was a "Preview Series" with only six different figures possible, and she was not in that selection.
The current code for Airachnid is:
22981 50
 (It will be stamped on the upper red border on the back of the bag)

She's pretty easy to assemble.  There aren't any instructions to guide you unfortunately.  The only issues I had were with her spider-legs.. it gets a little confusing which direction they are supposed to be facing, especially since their mounting bars are slanted and hinged.  You'll understand if you ever hold her in person.


It's a major disappointment that the pieces that connect her spider-legs are light gray as opposed to the black color they are in all the solicit images.  It's not a huge deal in her robot form, the it looks pretty bad in spider mode.

Speaking of spider-mode, it's basically just a bellyflop for Airachnid
All that gray is supposed to be black.  Below are both sides of the paper insert from the bag (see the black parts?)

Here she is undressed.  I was surprised at all the details on her torso that are completely covered by her black chestpiece.  Also, her tapered jaw is pretty cool.
Here are a couple pictures of Airachnid from Transformers: Prime

Time for a Comparison Shot! (With a few friendly Legos)


  1. She looks really cool!

    I did buy the first of her action figures on eBay but it never arrived. I see she has another figure coming up so I'll see which is better before buying.

    The little Kreo's are nice. Not sure if I'll buy any of the Transformers, but I'll be buying some of the upcoming Star Trek Kreo's for sure.

    Thanks for the pics!

    1. That action figure of her's was an abomination. I didn't even review it. I actually took out every screw and tried to come up with ideas to customize her. She's still in progress haha. I just picked up the new mini-Airachnid (is it a Cyberverse? I forget). I'll be reviewing her in the coming weeks.