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Mini-Mate Women of SPIDER-MAN!

Foes, Friends & Family of the Famous Webhead - DST/Art Asylum 2003-2013

Spider-Man has one of the best rosters of supporting female characters out there.  There's the lovable family characters like Aunt May and Mary Jane, awesome "copycat" heroes like Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl, and of course a few villainous vixens like Black Cat to add some spice.  DST and Art Asylum have just about the world's best character production out there.  It's between them and heroclix and someday I'll make an in-depth comparison.  Over the years we've received Mini-Mates of almost every Marvel character I can think of.  It's amazing what they've been able to accomplish in ten years.  The best part is that they always surprise the fans with something new and unexpected.  I'm excited to see what they have displayed this weekend at Toy Fair (I'll be there reporting by the way).  I'm hoping to see Young Avengers, New Warriors, and Guardians of the Galaxy (classic) - and I love the fact that there's a legitimate chance I'll see some of those.  This review is huge so I'm skipping the in-package shots.  Let's get started!

I'll begin with the non-superheros.
Mary Jane
Peter Parker's Crush, then Girlfriend, then Wife, then non-wife I guess..

I love the old minimates and their classic cheesy faces (which are surprisingly comic-accurate)

Gwen Stacy
Peter Parker's other girlfriend

Aunt May
One of the most endearing mother-figures in all of comicdom

Aunt May is one of the newest figures in the review, you can see how much more detail they add now.

You'll notice a continuing issue with modern skirt-wearing characters is that the skirt piece fits crookedly.  I have several skirted characters from different licenses and they all have a gap at the waist.

Jean DeWolf
NYPD Detective and ally to Spider-Man

Movie Figures

Here are shots of Mary Jane, Aunt May, and two Gwen Stacys from the Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man movie lines (I shy away from movie versions)

Now on to the Super-Heroes!

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

The first Spider-Lady, originally a brainwashed Hydra agent, now a full-fledged Avenger

Jessica also came with a happy-faced variant

Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

This figure came out as a variant of the original Jessica Drew

Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) - Secret Wars

Thsi second version of Julia was released years later as part of the Secret Wars line

Ultimate Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew is a Clone of Peter Parker in the Ultimate universe

May "Mayday" Parker is the future daughter of Mary Jane and Peter Parker

Now onto some Frenemies

Silver Sable

Mercenary and hunter of War criminals

Black Cat

The sometimes-friend, sometimes-enemy, sometimes-lover cat burglar

Black Cat had a second figure which unfortunately isn't in my collection yet.

Harry Osbourne's girlfriend, Lily Hollister, gets mutated by a goblin serum and becomes Menace (essentially a female Green Goblin)


Ann Weying is Eddie Brock's ex-girlfriend, she gets exposed to the symbiote and becomes Venom (also known as Bride as Venom)

Note the detail in her hands.  There are actual fingers.

Time for some Comparison Pics!


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