Monday, February 11, 2013

TOY FAIR 2013 Coverage - FUNKO!

Funko POP! Vinyl   -  DC Mystery Minis

DC Universe Batman Mystery Minis
Little Blind-boxed figures (roughly 2" high) with an amazing array of characters and variations.
In this first wave there are 6 different Batmen, 3 different Batgirls, 2 Different Catwomen, 5 different Jokers, and 1 Riddler.

This last one was in hte shadows and refused to cooperate

I don't understand this green-haired one, it may be a mistake or some duela-dent-type variant

Funko POP! Vinyl

There was one awesome reveal, but not on display unfortunately.


It's kind of impossible to tell if it's Julie Newmar or Lee Meriweather, but either way I'm stoked!

There weren't any new girls shown, but they did showcase some upcoming figures we haven't seen in stores yet.


And I couldn't resist snapping a pic on Hannibal Lecter

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