Thursday, February 14, 2013

TOY FAIR 2013 Coverage - OTHER BRANDS!

Bandai (SHFiguarts) - Toynami - NJCroce - McFarlane - Little Mates

Bandai SHFiguarts
This figure is on the sidelines until she gets approved.  And I am really hoping that she gets the thumbs up.  I was just lamenting a few months ago about how the two girl-properties we've never gotten good action figures of (dolls don't count) are Tinkerbell and Sailor Moon.  Once we see a SHFiguarts or Figma Tink I'll know I have true precog power
NJ Croce
NJ Croce is the company that produces practically all the high-end bendy figures you see in stores.  Simpsons, Gumby, Family Guy, Speed Racer, Peanuts, Mr Bill.. literally all of them.  These DC figures are very nice looking.  They have obvious influence from Darwyn Cook's New Frontier art. (With a very classic looking Joker added for kicks)

McFarlane Toys
I'm excited to get this figure and it was nice to finally see her in the packaging.

The life-size Michonne in the corner of the booth was pretty awesome, too



I always thought these were cool but I tend to avoid plush goods.  These small PVC figures are perfect for me!



Not the biggest fan of this UNKL design.  I wish the face print was larger and had more character.. as is, they remind me of Beavis and Butthead extras.

Little Mates


I've had my Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Catwoman and Harley Quinn Little Mates for well over a year now and honestly didn't expect to see an entire booth dedicated to them.  They are taking their original roster of DC characters and sticking them on EVERYTHING.  Rubber Stampers, Bookmarks, Dogtags, Keychains, Dangles... it's a merchandising explosion.  The most interesting things are the "Jack Charms" dangles that look to be new tiny sculpts of the same characters (only Batman and Superman were shown).  The overall coolest thing though was a Supergirl added to the graphics on the packaging and posters.  I suppose it's not a guarantee that we'll every see this character design in plastic (a lot of their products are graphical representations of the stylized heroes - like on the dogtags - not sculpted figures).  But I have hopes to add another lady to my Little Mates collection!


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