Friday, March 15, 2013

Impact Wrestling's VELVET SKY!

Deluxe Impact Wrestling Series 7 - Velvet Sky - Jakks Pacific 2012
I can't believe how awesome Wrestling Toys are getting.  It wasn't long ago that the Wrestling figures on the shelves were all awkwardly proportioned, oddly dressed things with goofy faces.  Maybe I was being a bit judgemental, but all I know is that I was never tempted to buy any in all my years of collecting until Mattel got the WWE license and fine-tuned the design of the figures.  I realize this Velvet Sky figure is not Mattel, and is in fact a Jakks Pacific figure (which happens to be the brand responsible for the passed-over figures mentioned above).  But, wow, they've really upped their game.  (Although I still give credit to Mattel for raising the bar - competition is a beautiful thing).  These Impact Wrestling figures are very nice.  For me, they are kind of hard to find, only showing up at select K-Marts and even fewer TRUs in my area.  I've had this Velvet figure for several months but am just getting around to reviewing her now.  She has great articulation, great paint, and an amazingly cocky facial sculpt.  I may even say she's my favorite female wrestling figure so far.  C'mon Mattel, now you need to catch up!


Check out the detail on her tattoo, and even the lettering on her butt.. it's done perfectly.

Her poseability is really fun.  The leg articulation offers more options than Mattel's WWE figures and the ab-crunch joint really ads to the figure as well.


Time for a Comparison Shot!



  1. Very cool!

    I have the pink Velvet & she is great, but this new one is much more detailed.

    I received Jakks Gail Kim in the mail this week, another nice Knockout figure. Jakks are doing great work with the ladies. The Daffney they made a few years ago was gold!

    1. You always give me great "heads up"s about figures I'm unaware of. That Gail Kim looks awesome and I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for her.