Sunday, March 10, 2013

X-Men Monster Armor MYSTIQUE!

Raven the Shape-Shifting She-Beast from X-Men: Monster Armor - ToyBiz 1996

Who doesn't have a soft spot for Mystique?  To me, she always reflected my darkest, vengeful impulses.  In the world of the X-Men, there are a lot of polarizing social groups.  The mutants, of course, represent the hated, misunderstood underdogs.  The X-Men follow Professor X's ideal of peaceful coexistence with the rest of mankind, despite threats, abuse, discrimination, and constant conflict.  Raven Darkholme is the antithesis of Charles Xavier's dream.  Sure, she wants the conflict and discrimination to be over, too.  But she isn't willing to take the peaceful route.  She's violent, vindictive, vengeful, and self-righteous.  Even when I know she's making the morally wrong choices, my devious inner voices were always rooting her on.  Mystique's classic look is my favorite for her.  Yes, it's impractical and theatrical, but it's nostalgic for me.  I find it more than a little shocking that the best figure we have of her in this costume is from a 1990's ToyBiz line.  Check her out below and see if you agree.

I don't think the storyline presented on the cardback is from any real comic continuity (although I may be wrong about that), but it's a fun way to make sense of the Hank McCoy-styled accessories she comes packed with.

Sure, she's a little pre-posed and lacks the articulation of modern action figures, but she's still a great looking toy.

Here is the "Monster Armor" promised in the series name.

And here she is all armored-up in She-Beast form.  This as actually a really fun set of accessories.  Being able to transform a character with a few snap-on pieces is a gimmick that will always satisfy me.

Although somehow I doubt the X-Men would really mistake her for Hank...

Time for a Group Shot!



  1. She is a nicer looking figure than the original ML or MU versions.

    The newer Hasbro version in the black outfit is cool.

    I hope they make a better MU figure.

    1. Yeah I like the black outfit, too. But I'll always be fond of this silly one. I never realized how ridiculous looking the breasts were on MU figures until this group pic. They need a new buck - stat!

  2. LOL the armor just... it's like she is cosplaying as Beast. :-D

    1. The Rogue figure form this series turns into a giant green bat... like a cosplay manbat. It's pretty amazing.

    2. Wow, I have to check that. I only ever saw the Wasp toy (she becomes a real wasp-woman)...
      I'd sooo buy a toy of the mutated Gamma World Wasp from Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes, though.