Monday, April 1, 2013

Anthropomorphism at its Finest: The VOGUE CATS!

My Little Kitten, Cats N' Fun, & Vogue Cats - Fun Time Products 2007

It's a pretty rare thing when two completely different genres of toy collecting come together in a fresh new product.  The two genres I'm talking about are (1) the hyper-accessoried toy lines like Polly Pocket.  And (2) the ever-impressive animal figurine market with companies like Schleich, Safari, Papo, and Bullyland constantly creating competition for each other and inspiring better and better figures every year.  (not to mention all the added pressure from the newcomers like CollectA and MojoFun).  The Vogue Cats have blended these genres together perfectly.  They are pretty difficult to find today and can fetch a pretty penny in the secondary market.  During the course of their shelf-life, they were packaged under three different names: Vogue Cats, My Little Kitten, and Cats N' Fun.  I've found that single figures are usually found as Vogue Cats, but the larger action playsets come as Cats N' Fun.  Let's check them out below!

I'm going to start with my favorite from Wave 1, Monika
The Party Cat

She looks very unsuspecting in her housecat form.

But what's this?  She comes with a slew of accessories: A skirt with belt, a wig, a butterfly headband, a set of high-heeled boots, and two very fun necklaces. 

Here she is all geared up and ready for action!


Next up is...
The Adventure Cat

She looks so innocent you would never expect her adventurous wild side.

Ginger comes with a hiking vest, a canteen, a flashlight, a safari hat, a neck bandanna, and four hiking boots.

She's like the pet lovechild of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft - amazing!

The Sweet Home Cat

Jasmine has one of the very few production flaws I've seen in this line.  Her body is clearly a 2-part construction but unfortunately the 2 pieces are joined very unevenly creating a wide gap in her belt zone.


Jasmine comes with a knit sweater, a knit hat, a knit scarf, yarn and needles, a sewing bag (for the yarn and needles), a knit "cat scarf", a wind-up mouse, and a pair of glasses.

Here she is all geared up.  I think the glasses are supposed to resemble granny glasses, but they look more like badass snowboarding goggles to me.


The Sport Cat

Cassie comes with some really cool accessories:  A wristwatch, a gameboy/stopwatch, a walkie talkie, four shoes, a baseball cap, a sporty vest, and a cinch bag.



The Garden Cat


Kelly comes with a pair of overalls, a straw sun hat, sunglasses, a heart-shaped balloon, a sandcastle, a sand shovel and a sand rake.



Last up is...

The Kitchen Cat

Sammy come with and apron, a bandanna, a chef's hat, a carrot, a wooden fork, and four mouse slippers.


I'll leave you with some details of excellent playsets that were created for this series.  I unfortunately don't own any of them yet.  
Some of the alternate packaging examples of the above figures are shown as well.







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  1. Geeez this is wweeeeird. I am a furry, but I am into anthros who are, well, anthros, as in having a humanoid body. This is just dressing up real cats as if they were My Little Pony figures. :D

    1. This was actually an April Fools joke from several years ago. It got a ton of views, but the comments section was all crickets. Haha

    2. LOL! You put quite the effort into it, then, so many pictures! THe cat figures are quite detailed, though... what are they from?

  2. Oh no, these aren't real? The packaging looks so well done though!
    X D

  3. Hello, where it is possible to buy them?

  4. I have these! I found all in my country, Argentina, But not with all the accesories. There are, also, dogs made with the same mood called FASHION PETS. if you want to compare our collection (i have Also the dogs) my Facebook Is " Colecciones Anne

    1. Thanks for the tip! They look great. I'm watching a few sets on ebay now.