Saturday, April 27, 2013

Classic Batman '66 CATWOMAN Revealed!

Julie Newmar as Catwoman - Batman Classics 1966 Series 2 - Mattel 2013
I've been waiting for this figure for a long long time.  My first exposure to Catwoman was through the campy 1960's Batman television show.  I was obsessed with her, and I still am.  Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriweather also portrayed the character spectacularly, but Julie stole the show.  I feel like there has been merchandise made for almost every version of Catwoman except for this one.  I've been the guy in the forums begging for at least a mini-bust of the TV Catwoman for the last ten years. (Speaking of, with all the classic Batman goodies this year, a mini-bust would be really nice).  There are a lot of questions about this Mattel figure still to be answered.  What will her articulation look like?  Will the Masked version be a variant or a snap-on accessory?  And what is the likelihood of seeing a green-colored comic variant?  I was very excited when ActionFigureInsider revealed this figure earlier this week.  I thought for sure I would have seen her at ToyFair, but at least my fears of her being excluded for likeness-rights issues were unfounded.  She's beautiful and I can't wait until I can get my hands on her (4th Quarter 2013). 


PS.  Here's an example of the green-painted variant I am hoping for.  She only wore this costume briefly in the comics, and it was designed to replicate the catsuit from the show, so a varant of this Newmat Catomwan is pretty much the only chance we'll see this version in plastic.



  1. So, the Catwoman "66 figure (without the mask) is on pre-order finally and I am very excited about that but I would like to know if anyone has heard anything about the figure photographed above with the mask? It would seem that's the one to keep an eye out for if it ever becomes available. Where did that picture leak out from I wonder?

    1. I had asked the DC Retail group about this but never got a response. I thought I heard in the first wave of SDCC news that there was going to be a TRU variant of Catwoman, but I've honestly been completely unable to verify that or even pinpoint where I might have heard it. That photo was floating around the internet soon after that first non-articulated prototype photo was released.