Monday, April 22, 2013


Dan Brereton's Thrillkiller Batgirl - DC Direct: Elseworlds Series 1 - 2005

DC Comics' Elseworlds storylines were always a lot of fun.  The imprint basically allowed artists and writers to experiment with popular DC characters without the restraints of continuity and history.  I think the most successful of these stories placed our beloved characters into unique new settings, usually dictated by a particular time period.  In Thrillkiller, Batgirl and Robin are counterculture heroes in a corrupt Gotham City of 1961.  (plus Bruce Wayne is a penniless Detective under Commissioner Gordon).  The setting is a little Dick Tracy, a little beatnik, a little film noir, and a whole lot of fun.  Dan Brereton's painting style really brings it all to life.  His work on Nocturnals earned him a dedicated fanbase that only amplified the success of Thrillkiller.  DC Direct was amazing at producing action figures of obscure, but very cool, versions of characters.  I only wish the main villain, Bianca Steeplechase (a cool female Joker/Duela Dent character) would have warranted a toy.  She kind of stole the show.  Let's check Batgirl out below!

The Sam Greenwell sculpt is fantastic.  He has an amazing ability to sculpt women in a cocked-hipped contrapposto that still manage to look strong, intimidating and beautiful.  My only complaint about this figure is that she look about 20 pounds lighter than her curvy comic book version.

Something else I love about the design of this toy is that the contours of her chest naturally create the lower bat-scallops on her orange logo.  This isn't the case in the comics - the logo is situated the same, but it's design is usually painted flat and defying the contours of her body.  I think it's just a neat side-effect of working in 3-D.

Batgirl came with a gold Batarang and a figure stand (not pictured)

Thrillkiller was published in 1997-1998 and consisted of a 3-Part Thrillkiller: Batgirl & Robin followed by a 1-Shot Thrillkiller '62: Batman & Batgirl.  There was a collected edition in 1998.


Here are a few images of Bianca Steeplechase.



Time for Some Comparison Pics!
Here she is with Thrillkiller Batman.




  1. Not exactly a fan of the character design, but that headsculpt is hypnotically beautiful!

    1. Sam Greenwell is one of the greatest toy sculptors of our time. In my mind, he's in a three-way tie for my favorite all-time sculptor. He can always be counted on to produce a gorgeous strong-looking woman. Have you read any of these comics? I didn't like the design too much etiher until I read the comics and began to appreciate the look they were going for.