Monday, April 29, 2013


DC Super Heroes - Jack-in-the-Box Kids' Meal Toys - 2001

I love when promotional toys are made to blend in with an established retail line.  I really never need to see a tiny ill-formed Batgirl riding a motorcycle or a weird Wonder Woman-shaped card case.  No, what I want is action figures.  Imagine if cereal boxes and Happy Meal bags contained exclusive JLA figures or never-released Young Justice toys?  I would easily be twenty pounds heavier, but my improved collection would more than make up for the extra weight.  Very few promotional toy lines have achieved this ideal, but this 2001 DC Super Heroes collection from Jack-in-the-Box Restaurants is arguably the best of them.  The entire series of nine figures is roughly the scale of various Mattel JLA or Kenner Animated toylines.  The only downfall is that they actually tried to improve on the retail lines by incorporating action features (which unfortunately often distort the sculpts).  One of my favorites of this series is Power Punch Supergirl.  Let's check her out in detail below!


I think she's beautiful.  Quite possibly the best representation of Supergirl's animated look out there.


The lever on her back moves her shoulder joint, which in turn slings her forearm up in an uppercut motion due to the (intentionally) loose elbow joint.


Her action feature arm is a little large and awkward, but it honestly doesn't diminish the figure much.

She comes with a little cardboard stand-up of Metallo for her to punch over.

Time for some Comparison Pics!




  1. I had every one of these Jack in the Box toys at the time. I hit that place up so many times to get them all!

    Sadly, like you said, the action features distorted their perfection.

    I still have Batgirl, her action feature wasn't as obvious (sculpt-wise) as Supergirl's. You can see her here next to Phantasm - she really did fit into the Animated line seamlessly!

    1. I've always coveted them but only recently acquired the set (we have no JITB in the northeast). I will be reviewing the batgirl in the near future. She looks amazing but I actually haven't opened her up yet, but i'm planning to some night this week.

      (I felt guilty about my Phantasm review last year, too. There should be an official statue of limitations on Spoilers. I need guidelines. haha)