Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marvel Universe ROGUE (1990's Style)!

Uncanny X-men Multi-Pack - Hasbro's Marvel Universe - 2013

Rogue is one of the great X-men of the famed Jim Lee / Chris Claremont era.  In that period, she fully developed into the flirty, rambunctious, powerhouse we all know and love.  A lot of this might have been due to the introduction of Gambit as a love interest.  (There's nothing like a love story to spark some character growth).  Rogue is such an interesting character because she is such a dichotomy.  In some ways, she's the most sensitive character in the roster, in other ways, she's the most powerful.  And I think her prominent role in X-men the Animated Series just cemented her newfound star status.  This figure really does the character justice.  All the fun details are there.  She has bright colors, well-sculpted jacket, hair, and headband, and her poseability is pretty great.  My only criticism is that her arms seem oddly short.  Maybe if one or both of her hands were open this wouldn't be an issue.  Rogue is yet another Marvel Universe lady that only comes in a multipack.  The Uncanny X-men set comes with Wolverine, Longshot, and an X-Babies Cyclops.  Let's check her out below!

Time for Some Comparison Shots!



  1. Very awesome thanks Alex! Can't wait to get Rogue.

    I'm hoping they release a white Storm at some point.

    I know it won't happen for a while, but I'd love to see them re-do the 90's Jean. That one is not so good...looks like a hunchback. I took off her shoulder pads & she looks better. They should use the new body & give her an animated head...throw her in a multi-pack with animated Storm & some others.

    1. Don't forget to add Psylocke with new hair! I've never seen 90's Psylocke with a mane of wavy hair like her MU figure has, she's just crying out for a sleek ponytail.

      That Jean Grey figure is probably the worst female in the line and definitely needs a makeover... but, yeah, we're not likely to see that anytime soon.