Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation BEVERLY CRUSHER!

Star Trek: TNG - Wave 4 - Dr. Beverly Crusher - DST/Art Asylum 2007

Dr. Beverly Crusher was the Chief Medical Officer, the key maternal figure, and a perpetual love interest aboard the USS Enterprise.  She was originally cast with the goal of having her develop a romantic relationship with Captain Picard.  Over the course of the series, we learned a great deal about their backstory, including his longstanding love for her as well as his friendship with her deceased husband, Jack Crusher.  Their relationship was mature, subtle, and very different from other Starfleet flings.  Having her son, Wesley Crusher, growing up aboard the Enterprise made for a great maternal dynamic that was also very unique in the world of Star Trek.  Gates McFadden was perfectly cast in this role.  And I love her even more after discovering that she previously worked as a choreographer in two of my favorite movies: The Dark Crystal & Labyrinth.  This toy is pretty great.  The likeness is decent, very recognizable, but the face seems a tad too angular and doesn't really capture her spark.  Let's check her out below!



Beverly came with a Computer, a Tri-Corder, a PADD, and a Hypospray Injector (not shown).


Here are some pics of Beverly from the show.


Time for some Comparison Pics!



  1. DST's Beverly Crusher. My most anticipated figure of the last decade.

    DST's prototype was phenomenal. I should have reminded myself that the final products don't always turn out like the proto's:
    (you can also see Nurse Ogawa on the Troi body there)

    There are Season 7 Beverly's that look nicer than others. Many, like the one you received, had crooked hairpieces & a zombie like gaze. Some of their hair looked brunette/auburn & others looked more red. There were nicer painted figures with better hair positioning, though they were few & far between:

    I managed to find one of the nicer ones thankfully:

    The Nemesis version of Beverly had a much nicer face, but there was a mistake at the factory & they gave the figure the wrong hairpiece..& the wrong hair colour! lol (see proto in first link)

    Luckily I bought an unpainted proto of the Nemesis Beverly which had the correct hair. I was able to get a custom guy to copy the hairpiece, so my Bev now has the correct hair!

    I also got the custom guy to sculpt a correct hairpiece for the Nemesis Deanna Troi, since DST's sculpt was way off:



    Anyway, thanks for giving me a chance to prattle on about me beloved Beverly Crusher Alex!

    1. Very very interesting. I may have to hunt down a nicer version of Beverly. That prototype is gorgeous and any figure I can find that is closer to that quality would be awesome.

      I know the Nemesis Deanna hair is wrong, but I kind of like it. I don't have her yet but she's on my list. Maybe once I have her in-hand I will feel differently, but I assume I'll be content.

      Thanks for all the info! I love that I can inspire rants with my little hobby :)

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