Saturday, June 8, 2013

DC Direct Alex Ross SUPERGIRL!

Alex Ross' JUSTICE - Series 8 - Supergirl - DC Direct 2008

DC Direct's JUSTICE series is arguably one of their most successful lines.  Alex Ross' super-realistic painting style translated very well into action figure form and everyone in the collecting world took notice.  Just the fact that this Supergirl figure was released in Series Eight should convey the success of the toys.  I especially love this Supergirl costume (often referred to as Hotpants Supergirl) because she is wearing her classic 1970's retro outfit with baggy sleeves, a plunging neckline, and tiny red shorts.  It's a very unique look with a very specific era attached to it, but it's still undeniably Supergirl.  This figure was pretty consistent demanded on the "wish lists" that fans would perpetually post to the DC Message Boards (when they still existed) and I think the announcement of this figure made a lot of fans very happy indeed.  The realistic style also makes her stand out from the other more animated comic-based designs.  She's a total catch.  Let's check her out below!


Karen Palinko's sculpt is beautiful as always.  Whenever DC Direct decided to finally produce a long-awaited female figure, I feel like they always trusted the task to Karen.  She consistently knocks them out of the park and this Supergirl is no exception.

Some thing about this sculpt always remind me of Helen Slater in the 1984 Supergirl movie.  Side-by-side, they're nothing alike.  But it's just a vague similarity I always sense when I'm seeing this figure alone.  (The blurry pic was accidental, but it also reminds me of the hazy film.)

Here are some images of Alex Ross' Supergirl.

Here is the comic version of her hotpants suit

Her articulation is typical DC Direct Style.  If you utilize her leg joints, she can't stand.  Plus her hair sculpt limits her neck movement.  But these figures are built for display, not play, so it's all good.


Time for a Comparison Pic!




  1. this is one I really would like to have- she's well done

    1. I picked her up on a whim. I knew I was getting batgirl, but never planned on getting Supergirl until I found myself walking towards the register with both of them. I'm really glad I did though because I've grown to like her a lot since then.

  2. I like this series, but my total fav has got to be Black Canary.

    1. I've actually never seen the Black Canary figure in person. I usually avoid action figures with cloth details, so I probably wouldn't get her because of the real fishnets. A lot of online pictures I've seen show her face sculpt as a little "harsh", but then again, with these realistic-styled action figures the lighting in the photos makes all the difference.