Monday, June 3, 2013

DC Direct All-Star SUPER LOIS!

All Star Action Figures: Series 1 - Lois Lane as Superwoman - DC Direct 2008

A common reoccurring story in the world of Superman is that of Lois Lane temporarily gaining superpowers.  I will actually be reviewing another great example of this character twist tomorrow, but today is my favorite of the two.  All Star Superman was a great comic that ran from 2006-2008 with the creative talents of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.  The series attempted to boil-down the Superman character to his essential points over the course of 12 issues.  It was a success and received numerous awards.  Issue three of the series rehashed the classic "Super Lois" story in a fantastically modern way.  In the story, Superman presents Lois with a suit constructed of his own DNA for her birthday.  This gives her 24 hours of superpowers that reads like a fairytale date movie.  I loved the issue, and I loved how DC Direct surprised us 2 years later with this fantastic action figure commemorating the story.  Let's check her out below!


The sculpt by Andy Bergholtz is great.  It really portrays a great blend of Frank Quitely's art combined with more generalized features (I don't think a straight-up representation of Frank's art would be the best look for 3-D).  The leg articulation makes her look a little knock-kneed, but it really suits the character and from most angles she looks amazing.

Here is the issue of All-Star Superman that gave us this amazing costume.

Her articulation is simple but functional.

This costume also got some love in the Heroclix world!
Heroclix - Superman Set (2011) #009 Superwoman



Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Great post- I've often contemplated picking her up...

    1. thanks! She's surprisingly cheap on ebay. I ususally steal my in-package pics from ebay auctions and the prices were a lot lower than I expected.

  2. It is a great design. Another must! Arg! But a adore Quitely so is a no brainier. Thanx!