Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ed McGuinness SUPERGIRL!

Superman/Batman Series 5: With A Vengeance Part 2- Supergirl - DC Direct 2008

In writing this review, I realised that this figure is the only version of the midriff-bared blue-suited Supergirl that I actually like.  I've always liked Supergirl, but of all female characters in the DC Universe, I always felt that her oversexualization was the most misplaced.  I can handle Catwoman or Diana looking sexed up and provocative, but something about Supergirl in the same context seems forced (that's why I've been loving the New 52 Supergirl.. She's amazing.. and not in a pinup girl kind of way).  I think my acceptance of this particular figure is based on the fact that the style of the sculpt looks strong.  It's hard to objectify someone who can kick your butt across the galaxy.  I'm not sure how often Ed McGuinness even drew Supergirl.  I searched for examples but didn't find many.  Regardless, I love that she was chosen for inclusion in this line.  The Power Girl figure released in the same series was also excellent (although I unfortunately won't be reviewing her this week).  Let's check out Supergirl below!



Here are the only two images I could find online of McGuinness Supergirls.





Time for Some Comparison Pics!




  1. The body sculpt is spectacular but the head had to go. I swapped it with the alternate head from the DC Armory Flamebird action figure and while she looks a little older the figure still looks about 35% better. Great review.

    Btw I agree on the midriff and oversexualization but I do not see the New 52 Supergirl costume as a suitable alternative. I dig everything about the suit, except for those crazy exposed knees. They just look out of place. The rest though? B+ easily. Another great review!

    1. I kind of like the McGuiness head, but, yeah, the flamebird head is gorgeous and would look good on anything. I'll bet your custom looks great.

      I think what I like most about her New52 look is the treatment of the "underwear zone" with the geometric red area. It's weird and original. Plus the cape closure. It is one of the first DC capes I can remember that doesn't defy the laws of physics and disappear into the top of a shoulder without any means of support. You're right about the knees though.. very odd indeed.

  2. nice review! :) uhmm i was just wondering if u could also make a review about the ed mcguinness powergirl.. thnx :D

    1. Thanks! I'll look to see if I have Power Girl... if I do I'll review her :)