Saturday, June 1, 2013


MOTUC Fighting Foe Men Three-Pack - Mattycollector Exclusive - Mattel 2013

Mattycollector loves its fans.  They may not love the way the fans act all the time, but every figure they produce is fulfilling some fanboy's dreams.  I was really confused by the Fighting Foe Men 3-Pack when it was first unveiled at SDCC last year.  That's because I simply had no clue who they were.  But once I learned, I was totally smiling at the geekiness of it all.  The vintage Mattel MOTU line featured vehicles produced by the classic model company Monogram.  The box art for these vehicles featured painted images of the vehicles with generic drivers (newly branded as the Fighting Foe Men).  What other company would produce a high-quality action figure based on a 30-year-old image of a partially-obscured nameless character??  Amazing.  Sherrilyn was the most obscured of the three drivers, which is probably why she became the token female of the trio (I'm assuming the drivers were all originally male).  Let's check out Sherrilyn below!


Before I get too far, I want to show the original image she is based on from the 1983 Attak Trak packaging.  The details of the vehicle are reflected all over her design.

Sherrilyn (and the other Fighting Foe Men as well) come with alternate chestplates.  The original chestplates are all representative of the original vehicle.  Her blue lightning bolts are the same as the decals on the side of the Attak Trak cockpit.  She also comes with a Horde bat symbol.  This is nice for subscribers who aren't really interested in drivers, plus their recruitment into the Horde (as detailed in the cardback bio) is a cool way to incorporate them into the He-Man mythos.  The different chestpieces anchor themselves with a keystone-shaped peg.


One criticism I have of this figure is that the chestpieces add way to much bulkiness to the chest.

Shield Maiden Sherrilyn comes with her two chest plates, a double-turret gun, and a shield.  The accessories are all representative of the the Attak Trak.  The shield mimicking the design of the wheel tread is the most obvious parallel.


Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I was so happy to recurve my fighting foe men especially for sherrllyn ,like you it took me some research to discover who they were were no I love them ,they. Are
    The dreadnoks ,steel monsters or madmax of the of the MOTUC world.
    .i lose interest in my motuc when there's a long spell with out a female .so now that Sheild Maiden here my motuc are pulled out . I was so happy when I opened her and saw she has a pony tail .also I believe her chest price witch is a new tool
    Will be used for a veena figure .notice the small sculpted feathers by her shoulders ? Great review ! Looks like I'm leaving my motuc out another month cause Octavia is coming in June !

    1. Oh wow I DID notice the feathers but I didn't give it much thought. Very interesting theory. Now I can't wait to see what they show at SDCC. I love how the fighting foe men are labeled as a "Pirate Clan", they totally are Dreadnoks :)

  2. I'm really hoping we see Glimmer at SDCC. Madame Razz would be awesome too.

    I'm still waiting on my Fighting Foe Men, but I quite like the set. Very happy our Shield Maiden kept her beauty mark!

    1. Yeah I agree. Glimmer would be awesome (and would lead nicely into an Angella figure). I actually really want to see how the Four Horsemen handle SweetBee. Her character design always annoyed me, but the subtle modernizations that they do on the characters might be just the thing to make me like her. An older, sexier, and sleeker-looking Sweetbee would be awesome... especially if they make some loose ties to Buzz Off