Friday, September 6, 2013

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters ARCEE!

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters  - Deluxe Class Series 2:12 - Hasbro 2013

Now this is the kind of retooling I can really get down with.  In March of 2012, Hasbro released their third Transformers: Prime Arcee figure in just a few months.  At the time, I thought it was crazy that a single character should get so much attention (and so quickly).  Plus all three toys were completely unique sculpts.  Flash forward a year and half and we now have a fourth Arcee figure.  This figure, however, is a retooling of the Transformers: Prime - Robots in Disguise Deluxe Arcee - but it is a fantastic retooling that is sure to please fans and collectors alike.   The base body is identical, but there is a total repaint and tons of added sculptural details (including a new head) that really give her a Beast Hunters feel.  When you stand them next to each other, they are different enough that their distinctions outweigh their similarities, and that is a fantastic thing.  I tend to feel a little taken advantage of when a character is re-released with only minor tweaks or repaints.  This job gets an A+ though.  Let's check her out below!

Arcee comes with her Echohawk Bow and two launching projectiles.   She can hold this as a weapon (however ungainly it may be).  But I personally think it serves better as an accessory to her motorcycle form.

Speaking of which..

And here is the motorcycle form with the Echobow attachments.

Arcee of course comes with the awesome feature (that most modern Transformers toys have) of having eyes that glow from being backlit.  The heads are mostly composed of clear plastic with the backs exposed - creating a large lightwell that illuminates the eyes.  Simple, effective, and genius.

Okay, This figure begs for tons of comparison pics, so let's get started.
First up is  Beast Hunters Deluxe (2013) on the Left and Robots in Disguise Deluxe (2012) on the Right.

Next I'll show the whole Gang. 
From Left to Right: First Edition (2012), Beast Hunters (2013), Robots in Diguise (2012) and Cyberverse (2012)

Okay Time to wrap this up!  I could post a thousand more pics of these beauties.



  1. Glad to finally see a Prime Arcee with some pink on her face.

    Haven't bought any Prime Arcee figures as yet. Though I did get the Flamewar repaint of the mini Arcee above.

    I was considering buying the Japanese Prime version as it has the pink included on the face & legs (though they are stickers), but I might buy this new one as well as the original release of this mold & switch the heads. That would be a good enough Prime Arcee for me.

    Thanks Alex!

    1. Yeah the pink paint apps on her face are definitely a welcome addition. Be careful though, the blue plastic is pretty noticably different on the two different versions. It might be better just to get the original and add the pink yourself.

  2. Did you intentionally leave the pink NYCC-exclusive redeco from your Arcee count?

    1. ack! No, she just slipped my mind. I totally have her, too. Interestingly enough, I just saw the new Arcee Prime Kre-O at Toys R Us last week. It's funny how my most wanted characters come in $50+ playsets. I'll do a photoshoot soon and redo these group shots with pink Arcee. Thanks for the heads-up!