Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walgreens Exclusive CATWOMAN Figurine!

DC Comics - Collectible Figurines Box Sets - East West Distributing 2013
Walgreens is no stranger to exclusive products.  I have many many hobbies occupying my limited free time,  And over the years I have often been on the hunt for Walgreens-Exclusive products.  Everything from Christmas Ornaments, to PEZ Dispensers, to electronics.  Lately though they've really been getting into the toy market.  Their toy aisle still looks the same as any other drug store (i.e. 5-10 ft of haphazard novelty products at the end of some random aisle).  But lately in the past few years they've had some gems.  I'm thinking specifically of the Justice League and Batman Squinkies,  The Super Hero Doll Collection, and the current Walking Dead figures to name a few.  This set of small plastic figures was an unexpected find for me a few weeks ago.  They are cheap, 2" tall PVC plastic figurines in display boxes for $6.99 a set (there are two sets).  The figures are all really well sculpted, but it might take you while to find one with a decent paint job.  I love my growing collection of little Catwoman figurines so buying this set was a no-brainer.  Let's check her out below!


This isn't bad photography on my part, but the imagery on the back of the box is printed really dark and shadowy (wonder Woman's skin looks murky green).  Seems like someone messed up the contrast settings.

 There are two box sets, both are labelled "Justice League" although one is clearly a Batman theme.  It's pretty cool that the two Batmans are different for those that want to get both sets.





Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!

From LEFT to RIGHT: Batman Returns PVC, ERTL Batman Returns Metal figurine, Batman: Year One Blu-Ray Exclusive figurine, Walgreens 2013 Exclusive figurine, WBStore Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray figurine, Eaglemoss DC Comics Collection lead figurine, and the Mattel Infinite Heroes Catwoman action figure.



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  2. These remind me of some figurines that were included with a children's storybook which also came with a play mat. here here and Title (sorry, had problems with the links)

    1. That is an amazing call! I've never heard of these storybook figurines, but you're absolutely right that the Catwoman figure is almost identical. The only differences I could see was the shape of the base and some monor costume details. Thanks!