Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beetleborgs HORRIBELLE!

The Evil Crustacean Horribelle - Beetleborgs Metallix - Bandai 1998

The evil villain costumes are my absolute favorite thing about all the Saban-produced Japanese properties that were so prevalent in the 1990s.  The Big Bad Beetleborgs was an American television show from 1996 that used footage from Juukou B-Fighter, and later when the series evolved into Beetleborgs Metallix, it used footage from B-Fighter Kabuto (with original American footage for the non-costumed scenes).  The villains in these series are always very detailed and creepy-looking.  Usually in some kind of insectile or demonic armor.  In this case, all the villains are supposed to be crustaceans.  Well, at least they're called "Evil Crustaceans."  Horribelle is pretty clearly a Praying Mantis (they should really be the Evil Arthropods if they wanted to include insects, but we can leave my nerdy semantics out of this).  Horribelle looks fantastic.  A lot of times these 90's Bandai females look way too masculine, but she is definitely an exception.  Let's check her out below!


Horribelle comes with two very cool looking swords.

Unfortunately she has an action feature where her wrists will rotate and spin the blades when the lever on her back is pressed.  This causes her wrists to flop everywhere (especially when you don't want them to).  And some mechanism that I believe is supposed to prohibit the two spinning swords from hitting each other, also prohibits her from holding a good pose with both swords at the ready.

Here are some images of Horribelle from the show.


I couldn't find a good videoclip of her in action, but here is link to a Japanese page with a series of sequential screengrabs.  Just look through them fast enough and it's as good as a youtube video ;)


Time for a Comparison Shot!



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    1. Haha. Honestly I never noticed those pincers reaching around from her back.