Thursday, October 31, 2013

GamePro Presents: MISS SPELL!
The Witchiest Gamer Ever: Miss Spell - JoyRide Studios 2002

Happy Halloween!  I have been saving this figure for a long time.  I ran out of time last year and didn't get to review her in time for Halloween.  GamePro was a video game magazine published from 1989-2011.  Like Wizard, ToyFare, and all the many great hobby magazines, it died in the face of the internet.  Apparently (I'm not a gamer!) the magazine had an assortment of original characters that would act as video game reviewers.  These characters were originally created as nicknames for the various editors, but eventually they took on their own personalities and eventually new reviewers would be writing under the pseudonyms.  In 2002, JoyRide Studios released a very cool (but random) set of action figures based on these characters as well as some actual video game characters.  This figure of Miss Spell is really well made.  JoyRide was folded into its parent company in 2007, but before that they had produced great figures of Halo, James Bond & Battlestar Galactica among others.  Let's check out Miss Spell!

Miss Spell comes with a Book of Spells, a Wand, and a Figure Stand.


No, that's not a tattoo.  It's her edition number stamped on her left outer leg.  She was an edition of 2500.


Time for a Comparison Pic!

and Happy Halloween!


  1. i already ordered this after seeing this review. I should have a cabinet dedicated to the stuff i bough because of you.
    can't wait to get her.

    1. Glad to inspire! Sometimes I go into the action figure section of ebay and just type in random female-centric words like "queen" or "witch" just to see if there's anything new and interesting that pops up. That's how I came across this great little figure. She has a permanent spot on my spooky shelf :)

  2. I also order this figure after reading about it here. Your blog is very expensive for me!

    But the figure is great and she is currently standing in the attic of the Halliwell Manor with my Charmed figures, Willow, Tara and Zatanna.

    1. I feel like a drug pusher sometimes! haha. I've never bought any BTVS figures, although some of those witchy Willow variants are tempting. I noticed the the BTVS ReAction figures showed up at all my Toys R Us's this week. I'll imagine they'll be pretty popular.