Thursday, November 21, 2013

DC Comics The New 52 - CATWOMAN!
DC The New 52: Super Heroes vs Super-Villains 7-Pack - DC Collectibles 2013

I just realized how incredibly long it's been since we've seen a comic-styled Catwoman action figure.  Sure, all the video game versions have been pretty close to her modern comic costumes, but technically it's been over 5 years (Infinite Heroes).  This fantastic version of Selina was an exclusive to a very expensive 7-figure box set that was released yesterday.  I've known this for months and have been debating the purchase ever since, but as soon as I saw her in the store today I knew it was a no-brainer.  Now I just hope I can recoup some cash by selling the surplus figures on eBay.  This figure is awesome.  She's beautifully sculpted by Jonathan Matthews, her articulation is some of the best from a DC Collectibles female so far, and her paint apps are great (and an improvement over the overly made-up prototypes we've seen at conventions).  I'm super happy with this figure.  DC Collectibles is really coming back and filling the DCUC void.  I can't wait to see what the future holds.  Let's check out Catwoman below!

The 7-Pack includes Black Manta, Captain Cold, Catwoman (duh), a resculpted Aquaman, and redecoed figures of Flash, Batman, and Joker.

DC Collectibles has been really amazing at labeling the sculpting talent on the packaging.  They used to hide it in the fine print, but I'm a big fan of knowing the artists behind my collectibles so I really appreciate the change.


Her whip is removeable, but with the sculpt of her hand and the thickness of the whip's grip, you almost have to thread it slowly through her clasped fingers to remove it.



Catwoman has ball-jointed shoulders and neck, swivel biceps, wrists, and boots, with hinged elbows, hips, and knees.

So I had a surprise revelation by a poster on TheFwoosh.  It turns out that Catwoman's goggles are removable - very similar to the goggles on the Hush Catwoman from DC Direct.  I prefer this particular figure with the goggles up, but I love having the option.  Kudos, DCC!


The cleavage is pretty gratuitous, but so was the first Catwoman storyline in the New52.  I normally don't really care for oversexualization of action figures, but when it suits the character I can overlook it.


Time for a Group Shot!
From Left to Right - Mattel Arkham City, DC Direct Hush, Mattel Classic Batman TV Series, DC Collectible New 52, Mattel DKR Movie Masters, Mattel DCSH, DC Direct Arkham City.



  1. Wow, that's a nice one! The sculpt looks amazing in these pics.

    1. I know I'm smitten! I just added pics of her with her goggles down up above.. I had no idea they were adjustable.

  2. That last pic is awesome. Plenty of Catwoman figures I still need!

  3. I really like how she looks, and I'm glad that Catwoman didn't get a crazy costume redesign for The New 52. It would be great to get a figure of this Catwoman from Mattel, too.

  4. this may be my favorite recent Catwoman

    1. she's pretty great. If you haven't gotten her yet, I've noticed a lot of ebay sellers from China selling her lately. I've only picked up a couple DCC figures from China but I've been impressed by the quality of the casting and paint apps (I usually assume that the figures on ebay are factory rejects). I bought a cheap extra Batgirl for customizing and it seems a shame to change her because she's perfect.