Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mezco Mini Mez-Itz Keychain - HARLEY QUINN!
DC Universe Mini Mez-Itz Keychains - Harley Quinn - Mezco 2013

Harley Quinn is amazing.  I've always been a little biased towards the lady villains, but to me she is so much more interesting than her main man Joker.  I just picked up the introductory issue of her new ongoing comic series this week and I'm excited to see a new side of her (I haven't really paid any attention to her in the New 52 yet).  I'm really digging her new "rollergirl" look, but these classic court jester duds will always be my favorite.  I bought this keychain at NYCC 2013 from the Mezco booth.  I think it was a convention exclusive, but I can't verify that and there isn't any indication on the packaging.  As I've stated in past reviews, I always chop off the keychain apparatus right away.  I'm way too impatient to wait for the regular versions to be released.  This Harley Quinn Mini Mez-Itz is the first of two versions that will be made, the second version has a closed mouth with a winking eye and will be released in the DC Universe Blind Box assortments (already showing up on eBay).  Let's check out Harley below!

It appears I left a little nub of keychain on my Harley. 
I didn't notice it until reviewing these photos right now, but I'll have to cut that off asap.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!



  1. Looking forward to the non-keychain version of this one!

    1. She should be in the Girls of Gotham set... it if ever gets released. It was originally slated for August 2013 when shown at NYTF13. This grinning version is supposedly also in the Blind Box assortment, but it one of the short-packed variants... I'm super excited for Poison Ivy :)